Can Hemp Protein Powder be Heated?

Can hemp protein powder be heated FI

To get more protein you need interesting ways to incorporate it into your diet. This can leave you asking, can hemp protein powder be heated?

Hemp protein powder can be heated to make delicious high protein meals and snacks. Heating hemp protein powder doesn’t cause the powder to lose any nutritional value. 

Heating hemp protein gives you the benefit of versatile ways to enjoy the nutrition hemp has to offer. Hemp can give your hot drinks, desserts, and dinner more protein, iron, and zinc. 

Keep reading to find out exactly what happens to hemp protein when you heat it. Once you know why it can be heated, learn how to use hemp protein powder in your next meal.

Can hemp protein powder be heated?

Hemp protein powder can be heated to make nutritious meals and snacks. Hemp protein can be baked in desserts, cooked into hot meals, and stirred into hot drinks. Whether you use the microwave or the stove you can incorporate hemp protein into any meal to get the protein you need. 



In general, when you heat protein it breaks down similar to the way protein breaks down in your body when you eat it. For a technical term when you heat protein powder it can “denature.” 

Denature simply means take away or alter the natural qualities of the hemp protein. In this case, it changes the structure, but it doesn’t destroy the protein. 

So when we ask, can heat damage protein? The short answer is no. 

When we eat protein we want it to denature so that we digest the protein in an efficient way. Even after having protein that has been broken down from heating, we can still absorb the amino acids, but slower.

Hemp protein powder is an all-natural source of protein. This means that you can heat it like any other protein or food. The structure of every protein changes a bit when you cook it, but that changes the way you digest the number of amino acids found inside. 

So heating protein may help if you’d like to digest your protein a little more slowly. However, no matter how you consume hemp protein powder you’re still going to get the full benefits of the 21 amino acids found inside. 

Can I bake with hemp protein powder?

You can bake with hemp protein powder and it’s a good idea to do so. Baking is an amazing way to add interest and health benefits to your desserts

One of the most popular ways to use hemp protein outside of shakes and smoothies is to bake with it. To bake with hemp protein powder all you need is to choose your recipe and replace ⅓ of the flour with hemp protein powder. 

Of course, if you are an expert baker you can get creative with your ideas, but don’t worry if you’re not. If you don’t love to bake you can cook hemp protein powder in the microwave for faster sweet treats. 



Ways to use hemp protein powder that requires heat

Ways to use hemp protein powder that requires heat include cooking, baking, and even microwaving. To take advantage of heated hemp protein create elaborate recipes or simply stir into hot beverages. 

You don’t have to worry about destroying the versatile superfood. Any of your favorite recipes that require heat can be enhanced by hemp protein powder. 

Here are some ways to use hemp protein powder that requires heat:

Hot Chocolate

The easiest way to use hemp protein powder is in a beverage you can drink down. The taste of chocolate and hemp works well together, so try our hemp protein hot chocolate recipe. This peppermint-infused treat is dairy-free for a taste that matches the nutritional benefits.

If you prefer caffeine and want more healthy fat in your life you can always try our hemp’d up coffee recipe as well. Whatever your nutritional needs hemp has you covered. The best part about hemp hot drinks is if you want to keep it simple all you need to do is stir hemp protein powder into your cup. 


Baking with hemp protein is an activity that you can share with the kids, so we love to start with dessert. Cookies are a great snack for the whole family. They’ll love the taste of chocolate chips and know nothing about the benefits of hemp protein hiding inside. However, you’ll know the facts and benefits behind the healthy version of this treat.

Mug Cake

The next time you are craving dessert but are short on time, try making a quick protein brownie. Since hemp protein powder can be heated in the microwave this makes a quick and convenient treat. Try making a quick protein brownie using hemp protein powder the next time you are craving dessert but are short on time. 




When choosing to bake, muffins work well for meal-prepping breakfast on the go. Muffins are perfect for hemp protein powder because they work with savory flavors as well as sweet. Why not try a muffin that isn’t loaded with sugar and loaded with protein instead. 

Pumpkin Bread

Baking bread that is loaded with fruits or vegetables can be also boosted with hemp protein. Pumpkin bread for example will have the benefit of the vitamin A and fiber found in pumpkin. The protein in hemp and the fiber in pumpkin will work well together giving you a treat with all the benefits of complex macronutrients working together to better your digestion.


Cooking hemp protein powder into oatmeal is a simple task that can help take an already healthy breakfast over the top. Oatmeal and hemp go great together because you’ll end up with the benefits of protein from two plant-based sources. 

Pancakes or Waffles 

You can cook up your very own protein pancakes that only focus on the protein. Protein pancakes are quick and usually only contain about three ingredients. With only a few ingredients in the mix, get creative with the toppings, don’t just stop at syrup.

If you already have your favorite recipe, add hemp protein to your pancake and waffle mix by replacing some of the flour with hemp protein powder. Either way, you end up with a clean breakfast that is loaded with protein and flavor. 




A big pot of soup can last for days and warm you up when you’re feeling sick. Adding the immune-boosting benefits of hemp can only make your soup taste better and work better for you. Why not get your protein and the zinc you need to help you boost your immune system.

Pasta Sauce

If you’re hiding vegetables in your pasta sauce for your picky eaters you should also consider giving your vegetarian pasta dishes a dose of extra protein. You can stir or blend in hemp protein powder as one of the ingredients to your pasta sauce for flavor and a boost of nutrients.

Meatless Meatballs or Meatloaf

If you are looking for something to go with your pasta sauce mix hemp protein with meat sauce or meatballs as well. Hemp protein can be rolled into vegan meatballs or blended into your meatloaf mix before you bake. Either way, you have a main dish that is full of all the protein you need.  

Vegan Burger 

When you are making a bean or lentil burger when you add flour add in a bit of hemp protein powder as well. This gives your veggie burger more protein and taste, making your vegan dinner plans packed with even more protein than a beef burger.


If you are looking for an appetizer or something new try making hemp protein falafel. You can bake or fry the protein-filled falafel balls for a fun new way of cooking with hemp protein powder. Once you’ve created your chickpea and hemp protein powder appetizer you can cover them with hemp seeds to add more healthy fat into your diet as well. 



Summary: Can hemp protein powder be heated?

As you can see hemp protein powder can be heated and there are advantages to trying it. While heating hemp protein powder may change the structure of the protein, it doesn’t ruin the benefits. You can get the nutritional benefits of hemp protein in all of your meals and snacks.

The versatility of hemp in your meals opens you up to many opportunities to get the essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals you can only get from hemp protein powder.

Whether you bake hemp protein powder into bread or simply stir it into your hot chocolate, you can get the protein you need in a fun and convenient new way. 

Now that you have ideas for breakfast, dinner and dessert, grab your protein and get started cooking today. If you have more ideas we’d love for you to share them with us.

Why not add the nutrition of hemp protein powder into your diet in a different way today.