Simple Clean Eating Breakfast Ideas: What Can I Eat for Breakfast When Eating Clean?

What are simple clean eating breakfast ideas?

Fruits, vegetables, and natural sources of food are acceptable when clean eating. Avoid heavily processed foods or food with added sugar. Examples include low-sugar oatmeal, eggs, clean meats, and smoothies.

Clean eating actually makes breakfast a much simpler process. A clean breakfast can give you long lasting energy, help you lose weight, and help you get out the door faster.

We just have to get over our addiction to sugar - which is everywhere!

Luckily for you, I’m going to show you how to incorporate clean eating into your breakfast routine. I’ll show you some of the best foods to eat for breakfast. After a week, you might even see some amazing changes to your body!

What Is Clean Eating?

Eating clean requires a whole food diet full of lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fat. The diet means you try to eat food in its whole form and limit processed foods and snacks. This includes sugary foods like orange juice, as opposed to eating an orange.

The best way to switch to a clean eating lifestyle is to eat food at home. Creating a clean eating menu is about how you prepare your meals. While there are specific rules, clean eating doesn’t mean you stop eating all processed foods. For example, pasteurizing dairy products is necessary. 

The idea is to do the best you can by eating minimally processed foods. This means that instead of adding raw all-natural hemp hearts to your smoothies you may want to add them to your breakfast skillet. 

Try to choose foods in their whole form to help with adding more nutrient-dense options to your diet.  

What Can I Eat for Breakfast When Eating Clean?

When eating clean for breakfast add whole foods, healthy fat, and protein. You’ll have to give up eating quickly processed cereals and go for something with less sugar. However, eating clean doesn’t mean everything has to be raw. 

Eating clean for breakfast can be a little tricky. You can’t have the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches you see everywhere you go, or the cereal at home in the pantry. 

In the morning, many of us want the quickest option, and there are ways to have the quickest fresh option at home. Simply replace what you eat with healthier options. If you don’t know what to choose, reach for the lighter sugar-free and low-sodium option. 

Here are some everyday substitutes suggested by the Daily Burn:

  • Eggs are okay, but smothered in butter isn’t. Instead scramble your eggs in olive oil at home.
  • Choose cheese or bacon for your sandwich, you don’t need both.
  • Make a homemade waffle or pancake with whole wheat flour for more nutrients. 
  • If you have to eat boxed cereal choose a low sugar, high fiber cereal.
  • For the best option substitute cereal with overnight oats

Once you get the hang of breakfast it’ll be easier to remember the list of foods you can and can’t have. Everything doesn’t have to be raw, but starting with raw whole foods like hemp hearts makes meal planning easier. Start with your favorite food and use whole food and fresh ingredients to make a meal.  

Can You Drink Coffee on Clean Eating?

You can drink coffee when eating clean. Coffee itself is clean especially if you get your own beans and avoid too much caffeine. 

As with most clean foods, drinking clean coffee is all about how it’s prepared. Once you start adding artificial sweeteners and load it with sugar your coffee is no longer clean. 

If you love a good latte you still have options. You can make your own plant-based milk or find an all-natural alternative. 



Can You Eat Oatmeal on Clean Eating?

Oatmeal is considered a clean food. However, you should stay away from refined sugar and processed grains. If you use rolled oats or steel-cut oats it’s best to add berries. Try your best to stay away from the packets of oatmeal with added sugar and candied dried fruit. 

Brown sugar, which is a common additive in oatmeal is not a clean food. Instead use raw sugar, agave, honey, or even clean maple syrup to sweeten your oatmeal. 

Can You Eat Eggs on Clean Eating?

Though eggs are pasteurized they are a clean food. As stated before clean eating is not always black and white. Some processes like pasteurization are important to everyday health. What you will need to watch for is the fat that eggs are cooked in. Try cooking your eggs in olive oil instead of butter. 

If you are concerned about the way your eggs are processed choose organic and free-range options. In a study, free-range eggs were found to have less cholesterol, more vitamin A and vitamin E than caged eggs. It seems everyone should be eating cage-free eggs, clean eating diet or not. 

Can You Eat Peanut Butter on Clean Eating?

All-natural peanut butter is a great food for clean eating. The best peanut butter you can choose is homemade. Grab organic peanuts from the store and grind them yourself. 

Nut butter is simple to make. You’d be surprised how much added sugar you’ll avoid by grinding peanuts yourself. Some stores now offer the option of grinding your nuts in the store. 

Can You Eat Hemp Foods on Clean Eating?

You can eat hemp food on a clean eating diet. In fact, hemp foods have all of the qualities needed for clean eating. Hemp hearts for example are raw and only have one ingredient, hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are full of healthy fat, protein, and give you fiber. 

The point of clean eating is to get more nutrients from whole foods and hemp foods deliver. Hemp seeds, hemp oil, and hemp protein powder all naturally contain calcium, iron, omega fatty acids, and magnesium. 



The best part about hemp is it comes in different forms to help you on your clean eating journey. For example, hemp oil makes a great drizzle or dressing as opposed to buying a processed salad dressing.

Some protein powders aren’t safe for clean eating. However, hemp protein is one of the few proteins that haven’t been unnaturally processed. To put the process simply, hemp protein is hemp seeds ground up without additives. While you may not make a lot of shakes while eating clean, you can use hemp protein in other breakfast recipes

Simple Clean Eating Breakfast Ideas

The clean eating diet requires you to eat six meals a day which starts with an important breakfast. Since breakfast sets the tone we’re going to give you a few ideas to start with.

Hemp Protein Pancakes

If you’re missing protein powder shakes and going for whole foods then you may want to try making protein pancakes

Vegan pancakes give you more fiber from hemp protein, ground flaxseeds, oat flour, coconut oil, and maple syrup for sweetener. After frying your pancakes, top with hemp seeds and berries for more nuttiness and sweetness. 

Potato Mushroom Skillet 

Breakfast skillets and hashes are the best way to get a hearty filling whole food breakfast. You can use your favorite ingredients and even save some for later. Add potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, and peppers to a skillet with a clean oil. Change up your skillet by using sweet potatoes and kale, instead of white potatoes.

Homemade Parfait

When making a parfait use plain yogurt. If you need to add more sweetness choose berries or naturally sweetened fruit. Add a little contrast to your parfait by choosing citrus fruit, hemp seeds, and granola for texture. If you still need more sweetness you can always add a bit of raw honey. 




Frittata’s sound like they are hard to make. However, you don’t need to get too fancy with this dish. If you don’t have time to cook you can bake them in the oven. Use free-range eggs and bright crisp vegetables to fill you up. 

Frittatas can also be premade for the week. Bake frittatas in muffin cups, so that you have a quick and clean on-the-go breakfast.

Any vegetables you use in your frittata you can also add to your breakfast skillet. Try using:

  • Peppers
  • Tomatoes
  • Mushrooms
  • Spinach
  • Zucchini
  • Broccoli
  • Basil
  • Arugula
  • Cheddar 
  • Goat cheese
  • Green onion
  • Chives

If you make mini frittatas in your muffin pan add them to other meals throughout your day.

Quinoa Oatmeal 

Did you know you could eat quinoa for breakfast? A quinoa and oatmeal breakfast gives you the opportunity to put a better spin on any packet of oatmeal you would’ve used before clean eating. The blend makes for a creamy recipe that’s packed with nutrition and flavor. Add fruit, sprinkle with hemp seeds, and drizzle your quinoa with honey to make a porridge.  

Hemp Protein Oatmeal 

If your breakfast is all about the protein then skip other additives and go straight for the protein. Hemp protein powder is a simple clean way to add more nutrients to rolled oats. The benefits of hemp and oatmeal will help you reach all of your clean eating goals. 

Smoothie Bowl 

If you’re missing picking up your smoothies from your favorite shop try something new at home. A smoothie bowl can help you with those sugar cravings and feel like dessert. With berries, bananas, coconut shavings, and hemp seeds you can create a clean eating bowl with only the best organic ingredients. Make a green bowl for detox or a superfood smoothie showcasing the benefits of hemp and acai. 

Chia Pudding 

You always know you’re on the right track with clean eating if you only have a few ingredients. You can make a chia seed pudding by simply adding plant-based milk. To make it more interesting sweeten with maple syrup and add nutrition with hemp protein. 

Top your pudding with pomegranates for pops of sweet and sour flavor. Pudding is simple because you can set it in the fridge overnight and have them for breakfast on the go.




Cauliflower English Muffin Sandwich 

Did you know you can make an english muffin out of cauliflower? In fact, you can make toast and bagels as well. An alternative to bread helps you when you don’t have great options for whole-grain. Skip the processed bagels, use cauliflower instead and top with avocado and egg. 

Breakfast Tacos

You can have tacos for breakfast. There’s no rule against it, I checked. It’s just as good as a breakfast burrito only even quicker. It’s a great excuse to add a little hot sauce in the morning. Simply take scrambled eggs, potatoes, or your leftover skillet and add them to warm corn tortillas. 

Summary: Simple Clean Eating Breakfast Ideas

On a clean eating diet, it’s important to eat breakfast every day. Though clean eating is all about skipping processed foods and sweeteners, you can still have a breakfast you love. 

It’s best not to grab eggs scrambled in butter from your favorite diner, but you can still eat eggs the right way. If you’re new to clean eating choose free-range lean proteins and your diet doesn’t have to change much. Yep, you can still have eggs, coffee, oatmeal, and peanut butter. 

All you need to do is make sure you eliminate artificial ingredients. When in doubt about what to eat, make your food at home. The fewer ingredients you use in your meals the better. 

Use our recipe ideas to help you get started with your clean breakfast today. Pick up hemp seeds and everything you need for your recipes at a store near you. When you perfect your recipe be sure to tag us at #humminghemp. 


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