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Benefits of Hemp Protein in Oatmeal (Bonus Recipe!)

By The Hummingbird / January 19, 2021
Benefits of Hemp Protein in Oatmeal (Bonus Recipe)

If you’re trying to find ways to get more hemp in your day, try adding to your morning oatmeal. But what are the benefits of hemp protein in oatmeal?  By adding hemp protein to oatmeal, your breakfast now packs in 20g of protein instead of 6g for regular oatmeal! Adding hemp protein to oatmeal is…

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Hemp Protein Chocolate Chip Cookies

By The Hummingbird / January 18, 2021
Hemp Protein Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies might just be the single most universally loved dessert. Chewy, chocolatey, and definitely great for dunking in your morning coffee!  The only thing that could make them better (short of more chocolate, of course), is making them healthier.  I mean, sure, chocolate has health benefits, especially dark chocolate. But in classic chocolate…

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Healthy Hemp Protein Hot Chocolate

By The Hummingbird / January 17, 2021
Healthy Hemp Protein Powder Hot Chocolate Feature

There are few things cozier and more comforting than a warm mug of hot cocoa!  Turning that drink into protein powder hot chocolate is a great way to sneak some healthy nutrition into your cozy. If you’re new to hemp protein powder, then you’re in for an extra treat! The nutritional benefits of hemp protein…

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Hemp Heart Granola Recipe

By The Hummingbird / November 23, 2020
Hemp Heart Granola

We all love a little something crunchy now and again, but have you ever stopped to think about exactly what you’re crunching on?  If you’re only eating crisp veggies, like carrots or celery sticks, then you’re getting some good nutrition with your crunch, but not much else. But at least you’re being healthy; go you! …

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Vegetarian Arroz con Pollo

By The Hummingbird / November 8, 2020
Vegetarian Arroz con Pollos

Sometimes dinner ideas are simply the worst to try to come up with.  You’re on a time crunch to get dinner on the table. There is no wiggle room for kids that don’t want (or like) what you’re serving. There is definitely no room to forget the veggies because if you do, it’s bedtime and…

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Hemp’d Up Coffee

By The Hummingbird / October 27, 2020
Hemp'd Up Coffee

Are you a coffee drinker? It seems like either people can’t live without their coffee or couldn’t care less about it.  So let’s assume you DO depend on your morning cup to get your day going.  Are you actually getting much out of your coffee, besides a little friendly, welcome wake-up call, and hopefully a…

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Roasted Vegetables with Hemp Oil  

By The Hummingbird / October 19, 2020
Roasted Vegetables with Hemp Oil

Sometimes we all need a little extra inspiration to “jazz up” our vegetables, right? I mean, 9 times out of 10 they’re everyone’s least favorite food group. Especially for kids! But never fear, there is a way to make vegetables more delicious (AND more beneficial) with this easy recipe!  This is a colorful casserole dish…

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Humming Immune Boosting Energy Shot – Your Daily Feel-Good Best Friend!

By The Hummingbird / September 17, 2020
Immune Boosting Energy Shots

There are plenty of crazes out there when it comes to healthy foods. Cleanses, diets, superfoods (and those that claim to be but aren’t) — you name it, they all promise to be so fantastic in no time.  The trouble is, they usually fall short.  But what if there was actually a way to get…

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Hemp Protein Pumpkin Bread – Vegan, Gluten-free, 100% Powerful Nutrition™

By The Hummingbird / September 15, 2020
Hemp Protein Pumpkin Bread

When autumn rolls in, pumpkin-flavored treats are an absolute must.  That’s no reason to start loading up on sugary and waist-expanding treats though!  Pumpkin bread is a classic example of one of those delicious fall recipes that tend to be SO full of sugar and not a lot of extra goodness. Well, not anymore!   …

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Vegetarian Black Bean & Sweet Potato Chili – Your New Favorite Fall Recipe

By The Hummingbird / September 7, 2020
Vegetarian Black Bean and Sweet Potato Chili

It’s always a fall staple to have a hot pot of chili ready to go! But finding a delicious, meat-free recipe is sometimes hard to do since they tend to lose some flavor in favor of the healthier ingredients.  This chili is quick, clean, and bursting with flavor!        Nutritious and delicious are…

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