Humming Hemp is dedicated to the creation of hum moments that nourish everyBODY through earth friendly hemp and delicious real foods.


Hilary Kelsay

CEO, Humming Hemp

Hi, I’m Hilary, CEO of Humming Hemp. I am zealous about hemp foods and making them available and convenient! Why? Because they are delicious and packed with nutrition. If I could replace all the soy in the world with hemp, I would! As the CEO of Humming Hemp I get to do what I love best – love and serve others! Hemp is not just for me, or your Birkenstock wearing neighbor down the street – hemp foods are for everyone! At Humming Hemp we believe the hemp plant and its 25,000 different uses is a gift from God.

My other titles include Mommy to Brooke, Piper, and Jace (dog mama to our Rhodesian Ridgeback, Penny), and Wife to Brett, my beekeeping husband whom I operate our sister company, Humble Honey Co


Ross Elkin

VP of sales & marketing

Hi, I'm Ross, VP, Sales & Marketing at Humming Hemp. I love the powerful nutrition of Humming Hemp products, and I'm excited to spread the word about the great taste and benefits. My wife Jennifer and I are native New Englanders who are having a lot of fun exploring our new surroundings in the great Northwest.

We're parents to three children living and working on the east coast.

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To nourish every BODY

One hum moment at a time

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