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Humming Hemp is dedicated to the creation of hum moments that nourish everyBODY through earth friendly hemp and delicious real foods.


Hilary Kelsay

CEO, Humming Hemp

Hi, I’m Hilary, CEO of Humming Hemp. I am zealous about hemp foods and making them available and convenient! Why? Because they are delicious and packed with nutrition. If I could replace all the soy in the world with hemp, I would! As the CEO of Humming Hemp I get to do what I love best – love and serve others! Hemp is not just for me, or your Birkenstock wearing neighbor down the street – hemp foods are for everyone! At Humming Hemp we believe the hemp plant and its 25,000 different uses is a gift from God.

My other titles include Mommy to Brooke and Piper (dog mama to our Rhodesian Ridgeback, Penny), and Wife to Brett, my beekeeping husband whom I operate our sister company, Humble Honey Co., with.


Max Schneider

COO, Humming Hemp

Hi, I’m Max, COO of Humming Hemp. I am a fun loving guy who likes staying healthy so I can enjoy my family and hobbies. My wife, who is a functional trained physician, has taught me just how important diet plays in healthy mind, body, and spirit. For this reason we have brought hemp into our diet for its great protein and fatty acids. I look forward to serving you in bringing nothing but the freshest, domestically grown hemp products to your door.

My wife Jessica and I have two wonderful children Edwin and Alexandria.


Sierra Messenger

Director of Communications, Humming Hemp

Hi, I'm Sierra, Director of Communications for Humming Hemp!  I have a BA in Education, I’m a part time bookkeeper with our businesses and a leader and wellness advocate with doTERRA International. I grew up with a crunchy mama and worked in a plant based bakery and health food store most of high school and college. I've always had a love of whole, natural foods and a love all things healthy living. As a mostly plant based family, I love using hemp hearts in our meals as a high quality superfood that's full of protein. I'm a collector of cookbooks. If I have a brand new cookbook in my hands you won't see me til it's been read cover to cover. 

I'm a beekeeper's wife to my hubby, Jonathan.  A mama of two very busy girls- Charlotte + Bridgette, and puppy mama to Lulu. I love yoga+barre and documenting our family story through pictures+words. 

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To nourish every BODY

One hum moment at a time

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