hummingbar™ Is Here!

hummingbars™ can now be found nationwide in Kroger, Fred Meyer, Smith's, Ralph's, QFC, and King Soopers!

During the month of November:
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This pure plant-based protein bar is sweetened only by the bees
– just try it, you'll understand.

Because "Good for you"
isn't good enough for you.

You deserve Powerful Nutrition™ that is naturally packed (no additives or artificial fortification) with plant-based protein, healthy Omega fatty acids, Thiamin, iron, potassium, and all 20 amino acids. Gluten free, dairy free, and nonGMO Verified.

Defined by Nature. Led by Heart.


Hemp: Deliciously Wholesome
& Convenient 

Clean eating is not eating cookies while mopping.

Health foods no longer have to be a drag. Meet hemp – the delicious pantry staple and simple superfood solution every American household deserves!

The latest word
from the hummingbird.

Hemp recipes, hemp food how to's, and other delicious topics to keep you humming along.

Your secret to feeling foxy

Hemp foods are a real super food that provide real benefits:

  • more protein per ounce than chicken*

  • perfectly balanced omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids

  • 3x more iron than spinach!**

*1oz. serving of hemp = 11g compared to chicken = 7g
**30g of hemp = 2.4g of iron compared to spinach = 0.8g