Why Should You Add Hemp Protein Powder to Desserts?

When you try to stay healthy you may give up dessert, but it’s better to add something nutritious like protein powder instead. You may ask, why should you add hemp protein powder to dessert?

You should add hemp protein powder to your dessert because it adds omega fatty acids and essential amino acids to your diet. The plant-based powder has no added sugar but will add a tasty nutty flavor to your baked goods. It can be heated and baked into any recipe making dessert a healthy part of your balanced diet. 

Trying a new hemp protein recipe gives you the chance to eat dessert if you’ve been holding off. Having dessert once and a while can help you stick to being healthy overall. 

If you don’t know how to add protein powder to your dessert keep reading to find out what wonderful desserts you can use protein powder for. You’ll also find out what protein powder contains and why it’s the best to bake with. 

Let’s start with more details on why you should start adding protein powder to your desserts today. 

Why Should You Add Hemp Protein Powder to Desserts?

You should add hemp protein powder to desserts because it’s healthy and delicious. Hemp protein has all twenty essential amino acids, no added sugar, and essential nutrients. Using the protein can add a much-needed spark to your diet. 

If you’ve tried adding other protein powders to your diet know that hemp powder has more to offer than other plant-based proteins. In fact, there are so many to name, we decided to make a quick list. 

Here are five reasons you should add protein powder to your desserts:

1. Hemp Protein is Plant-Based

You won’t have to worry about allergens like milk and eggs or chemicals like phytates found in meat proteins. When you are creating gluten-free vegan recipes that substitute eggs and milk hemp protein powder fits right in.

2. There’s No Added Sugar 

Because there’s no added sugar in hemp protein you can add just what you need in any dessert. If your diet requires you to eliminate sugar you can try a sugar-free dessert. You have complete control over your sugar intake, allowing you to stick to your diet. 

3. It’s Great for Baking

Hemp protein is raw hemp ground into a fine powder. It can easily blend into anything. To bake with hemp protein powder add it to flour. Doing that adds essential nutrients like calcium, zinc, and magnesium.

4. Has More Nutrition than Other Plant-Based Proteins

You may have heard that animal protein is easy to digest, but so is hemp protein. It’s easy to digest because it contains proteins that your body can break down easily because you already have them inside

Not only does hemp protein hold it’s own when compared to animal protein it has more nutrients than other plant-based proteins. It’s safer from pesticides and herbicides than brown rice and pea protein and it’s higher in amino acids. 

Why not get more than just protein from your protein powder?

5. You’re Tired of Shakes

If you’ve been eating protein for a while, you’ve probably had every shake you can think of. So you can add hemp protein powder to your dessert simply to try something new. 

Eating healthy is all about balance and hemp protein can give you a big boost in nutrition, while dessert helps you satisfy your sweet tooth. In the end, the best reason to add hemp protein powder to your dessert is because it’s super healthy and tasty.

What Does Hemp Protein Powder Taste Like?

Hemp protein powder tastes nutty. Some people will describe hemp as grassy or earthy, but different products won’t taste the same. For example, Humminghemp protein powder is nutty and less earthy than hemp hearts.

The nutty protein powder blends well with chocolate, honey, and other nutty flavors. So, consider adding hemp protein powder to anything you would add nuts or seeds to, but don’t stop there. 

The powder is so fine that it dissolves well into whatever food or drink you mix it into. Many hemp fans get creative with their recipes and you should too. 

Does Humminghemp Hemp Protein Powder Contain Sugar?

Our hemp powder doesn’t contain sugar. This gives you the freedom to add as much sugar as you need for your own recipe. It’s also one more reason that it’s easy to incorporate into any recipe. 

What Humminghemp hemp protein does contain is a long list of vitamins and minerals. Humminghemp protein powder has everything your body needs and nothing you don’t. You add the amount of sugar you want for your own dietary needs. 



What Can I Add Protein Powder to?

You can add protein powder to any recipe, drink, or meal. Hemp protein powder is versatile because it’s ground up so fine that it will dissolve easily and leave a nutty flavor behind. The easiest way to eat protein powder is in a shake or a smoothie, but when that gets boring you can try something new. 

Hemp protein powder can be added to:

  • Smoothies and shakes
  • Oatmeal 
  • Yogurt
  • Soup
  • Sauces and dressings

And that is just a few ideas to start with. Why not try hemp protein in cakes, muffins, pancakes, and even coffee.

Can You Add Protein Powder to Cakes and Other Desserts?

You can add protein powder to cakes and other desserts easily. To incorporate hemp protein powder into a cake recipe replace up to 25 percent of the flour. This works for any recipes that include flour. 

You don’t have to stop at baked desserts. Hemp protein powder can even be added to no-bake desserts. Just mix hemp protein powder into the other dry ingredients in the recipe.  

Can You Add Protein Powder to Muffins?

You can add protein powder to muffins by adding it right into a gluten-free flour. Protein powder can cause your muffins to become dense, but the lightness of hemp protein helps. As long as you add moisture to the recipe the hemp protein will blend in. This will give you light muffins that are only dense in nutrition. 

The fiber in hemp protein goes well with muffins. Adding fiber and protein to the usually high-calorie breakfast food gives your muffins a healthy twist without all the added sugar.

Can You Put Protein Powder in Coffee?

You can add hemp protein powder to coffee for a nutritious nutty boost. Protein in coffee is the fastest way to get your protein in the morning. 

Stirring protein into your coffee is an easy way to add protein without spending a long time on a recipe. To add hemp protein to coffee all you need to do is stir in a spoonful and dress your coffee as usual. 

It saves you time if you can’t scramble any hemp powder into your eggs for breakfast.  


Hemp Protein Powder the perfect addition to your favorite treat


Can You Add Protein Powder to Pancakes or Other Breakfast Recipes?

You can add protein powder to pancakes and other breakfast recipes. You can even scramble hemp protein powder into eggs. If a homemade pancake recipe seems too complicated, you can try making a protein pancake.

To make a protein pancake you only need a few ingredients: eggs, hemp protein powder, baking powder, and water.

If you don’t eat eggs or want to try a vegan protein pancake use flour, baking powder, hemp protein powder, and water.

Whether you’re making a big breakfast with all the fixings or a quick one you can have a delicious breakfast that is filled with protein. 

Why Hemp is the Best Protein Powder for Baking?

Hemp is the best protein powder for baking because it blends well with your dry ingredients. The raw hemp protein is great for cooking. All you need to do is replace up to 25 percent of the flour in your recipe with hemp protein powder to get started.

Hemp protein is 100 percent plant-based, so it’s great for vegan recipes as well. If you are looking for ways to bake without milk, eggs, or gluten hemp protein is a great addition to a recipe with substitutes. 

Once you choose your recipe you can heat and bake your protein without losing any of the nutritional value. So get baking today to add amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to tasty treats. 

Is it Ok to Heat Hemp Protein Powder?

It’s ok to heat hemp protein powder. The structure of the protein may change when cooking, but the nutritional value will remain the same. 

Hemp protein is raw all-natural hemp, meaning you can heat it like any other food. Though it’s in powder form, the protein is ready to be cooked or baked like hemp hearts or any other food.

Is it Ok to Microwave Hemp Protein Powder?

It’s ok to microwave hemp protein powder as well. Any way you decide to cook hemp protein will not destroy it. You can microwave quick and tasty cakes that will keep their nutritional value. 

So the question is: can you cook with hemp protein powder? While some ways may be tastier than others, you can cook with hemp protein powder. Whether it’s on the stove, in the oven, or the microwave, you can find a recipe that you’ll love.

Hemp Protein Recipes

If you didn’t know before you can bake, microwave, and mix hemp protein powder into desserts and breakfast foods. And more importantly, now you know five very good reasons why you should. 

With this knowledge, you can heat your hemp protein powder without losing any nutrients and create amazing recipes. 

See some of our hemp product recipes and share some of your creative ideas with us at #humminghemp.


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