The Best Avocado Toast Toppings

The Best Avocado Toast Toppings

If you love avocado then you know that avocado toast is the best thing to happen since, well, sliced bread. However, you may not know what to put on avocado toast other than the fatty fruit itself. So if you want to kick it up a notch you’ll ask, what are the best avocado toast toppings? 

The best avocado toast toppings are light and healthy with crisp, fresh, and acidic flavors that compliment fatty avocados. It’s a great idea to add as much nutrition as possible by topping avocado toast with protein, fiber, and even more healthy fat. 

Foods like tomatoes, pickled onions, and hemp hearts bring on the flavor and texture while offering health benefits. 

Avocado toast is a compliment to any meal or snack time. The meal choice is beneficial because you can add lots of nutrition if you add the right toppings.

Luckily for you, we’ve created a list for you to find the best avocado toast toppings. You’ll find something to use whether you’re trying to lose weight, are vegan, or simply want to know how to eat avocado for breakfast. 

Is avocado toast healthy?

Avocado toast is healthy when you consider the nutrients you get from eating healthy grains and avocado. However, it’s easy to overindulge and take in lots of calories if you’re not careful about your choices. 

Healthy whole grain bread can fill you with fiber, but make the wrong choice and you can be filling yourself up with carbs and sugar with little nutritional value. Start with a healthy choice of bread and you’re off to a good start. 

The truth is you can put an entire breakfast or lunch on avocado toast by choosing bacon, eggs, lunchmeat, and cheese. Heavy toppings should be used sparingly or you’ll end up with a sandwich, not toast. If you keep piling on the toppings that’s okay too. To keep it light, sprinkle healthy small bites of flavor and nutrition on top. 

When choosing your toppings try to stay away from added sugar and empty carbs. Make choices that complement the fatty avocado in taste and nutrition and you can have healthy avocado toast. 

What toppings can you put on avocado toast?

The best toppings to put on avocado toast will be acidic, fresh, and full of protein. Nourishing options like hemp seeds, fresh greens, and tomatoes will give avocado toast balance in flavor and nutrition.

When it comes down to it you can put any topping you want on avocado toast, but the best options will naturally offer balance. Certain combinations like fatty and fresh, salty and sweet, savory and smoky work well together. Mix and match this list of toppings to create your perfect healthy blend.

Hemp Hearts

The best topping will always be hemp hearts, they work well with so many flavors. If all you’re working with is avocado then adding hemp hearts will make a big impact. Adding hemp hearts will give texture to the creamy and savory flavor of your avocado toast. 

Hemp hearts will also give the fatty dish more protein. With just a sprinkle you’ll get a nutty flavor, more healthy fat, and protein. Hemp hearts will make your avocado toast complete with a simple shake. 



Hemp Oil 

When you add different toppings to toast like fresh greens and tomatoes, to add more flavor you’ll want to dress them. A light and flavorful oil that offers nutrition is important to choose for avocado toast. Drizzle your toast with a little hemp oil, salt, and pepper to get more flavor while adding essential omega fatty acids. 

You can always use the different varieties such as Mediterranean and garlic to make a dressing to drizzle with. Use the benefits of hemp oil to complete the meal and give your toast a big fresh flavor without adding too many toppings.  

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most popular antioxidant-rich kinds of vinegar you can choose. You can shake a bit on top, mix with oil, or blend it right in your avocado mash. Mix ACV with a little hemp oil and you’ll have a dressing without even trying. 

If you drizzle ACV on your avocado toast with hemp oil your creamy fatty toast will gain a bit of acid and zing. All you’ll need is a fresh bite to bring it all together. 


Tomatoes are low in calories, rich in antioxidants, and taste great with avocados. They can give you a bit of sweetness or savoriness depending on how you dress them. The acidic fruit works well to bring out the brightness in the fatty avocado. 

Don’t feel limited to choosing classic red tomatoes on the vine. If you’re feeling adventurous there are plenty of heirloom tomatoes that add color and more nutrients. Make your toast beautiful with the diversity of antioxidants in each color of purple, orange, or yellow. Eating your colors is a fun and easy way to get the nutrients you need without thinking about it. 

Fresh Greens and Herbs 

Fresh leafy greens offer a lot of texture, vitamins, and fiber. It can make your toast a complete nutritional meal while cleansing your palate in every bite. Each green brings its own kind of flavor to accompany its benefits. 

Choosing the right green depends on what flavor you’re in the mood for, peppery or bright. Remember most fresh greens can also be dried and you can use herbs and spices as well. Any of the following greens and herbs can be sprinkled right on top of your avocado toast to double down on the bright green and nutrients in avocado. 


Basil is an herb that, with tomatoes, will give your avocado toast a pizza feel. Plus, basil will load you up with vitamin A, magnesium, iron, and omega fatty acids. Basil is often used as medicine to help with stomach spasms and digestive issues. 


Arugula is fresh and spicy. Containing calcium, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin K arugula is great for helping your blood clot normally and coagulate properly.  


Spinach is full of folate, iron, vitamins B6, B9, E, and K. This reduces blood pressure and benefits eye health. Believe it or not, spinach is related to beets and quinoa, which could also be used on your toast.


Kale is related to cabbage and can be cooked similarly or used raw like spinach. The nutrient-dense green can lower cholesterol and remove toxins thanks to the antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C, and K.

Microgreens and Alfalfa Sprouts

The popular desire to grow microgreens is a trend that has helped sneak nutrients into mealtime. Microgreens and sprouts have different varieties, but most are rich in antioxidants, copper, iron, magnesium, and zinc. 

Nutritional Yeast

The vegan cheesiness of nutritional yeast is important for getting your vitamin B12, protein, and minerals. It adds seasoning right to the top of your toast just like a powdered cheese mix would. Instead of sprinkling on the parmesan cheese try this to get the antioxidants you need to boost your immune system. 



Pickled Onions

I’ve mentioned it before, but acid just goes well with fat. Red onions are a strong flavor, but they are the most nutritious onion you can choose because they have probiotics, vitamin B9, and folate. Pickling red onions take away the sharpness and give them a crisp tangy taste. By adding pickled onions to your avocado toast you give your food flavor and texture. To make your own quick pickled onions place them in ACV, lemon juice, and sea salt. Let the onions sit in a mason jar at room temperature for an hour.


While adding bacon and egg at the same time to your avocado toast would make it a sandwich, one egg might be just enough. An egg over easy is a good way to add protein to your avocado toast. Egg contains iron, zinc, vitamins B12, and D. So, it makes a good choice if you keep your other toppings light. Watch the calories because this becomes more like a sandwich really quickly.


You can always double down on fat when you choose healthy fats. Omegas-3 fatty acids are essential, so adding walnuts offers a nutty flavor to your crucial health needs. These work well in a mix of hemp hearts as well giving you more nutritional benefits. 

You can have fun with this and create a trail mix avocado toast using your favorite nuts and seeds with fruit on the side. 

If you don’t like walnuts and still want more protein and omega fatty acids, you can also try cashews. 


Avocado is a fruit and a fatty one that will taste great with the crisp fall flavors of apples and pears. Pears contain fiber and help promote gut health and fight inflammation. Pears are especially wonderful because the sweetness complements savory foods in a special way. If you’re looking to add more sweetness to your toast you can always drizzle a bit of honey over it all.


Bell peppers and hot peppers are good for you because they are filled with folate, fiber, vitamin A, and C. Fire-roasted red peppers and fresh crisp red peppers both give you a sweet flavor in different ways. The versatility of peppers is what makes them a great topping. 



If you want more texture and coolness then add a variety of fresh-cut colorful peppers. If you’re looking for savory flavors and spice, top your avocado toast with hot, smoked, fire-roasted, and even dried peppers. 


A simple cucumber topping won’t add a lot of calories, but it will add a lot of freshness. Cucumbers offer freshness and hydration that helps with weight loss and lower blood sugar levels. A cool cucumber holds spices well and will give you the opportunity to build the flavor profile that you want. Adding red pepper flakes, lime juice, lemon juice, or fresh cracked pepper to cucumber is a simple move that will go a long way when it comes to flavor.

Roasted Mushrooms 

Mushrooms give your food that umami flavor that can’t quite be explained. Roasting mushrooms until they’re almost crisp will add texture and heartiness. Mushrooms will give your avocado toast meatiness, protein, and fiber, without going overboard on calories. 

You can always add chicken, steak, shrimp, and more heavy toppings, but if you want something that feels hearty without making a heavy meal, mushrooms are the way to go.


Thinly sliced smoked salmon is another way to get your omega fatty acids. Salmon will fill you up while still keeping your avocado toast light. Be sure not to add an entire piece of fish, one slice will be enough with other toppings. Add onions and capers to complete the flavor for a classic smoked salmon breakfast feel.

Summary: The best avocado toast toppings

The best avocado toast toppings are light, acidic, and fresh to compliment the fattiness of avocado. A good topping will also contain macronutrients that turn your toast into a complete health food. 

You may only need one or two toppings to create the perfect avocado toast, but this list will help you mix and match in a healthy way. You can have heartier options like eggs, mushrooms, or salmon if you are looking for a bigger meal. But to keep it light and healthy you have flavorful options that offer a lot of nutrition like hemp hearts, fresh greens, and tomatoes. 

No matter which topping you choose you can have healthy avocado toast that gives you omega fatty acids, protein, vitamins, and minerals. The filling meal or snack can give you what you need on your nutritional journey.

All you need is to choose a healthy option like hemp hearts that pack on the flavor and essentials in one quick sprinkle. Pick up a bag of hemp hearts or hemp oil online or in a store near you to start adding nutrition and flavor to your avocado toast today.