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The Best Gluten Free, Nut Free Snacks 

By Lydia Knox / February 26, 2021
The Best Gluten Free Nut Free Snacks FI

Having a gluten sensitivity or a nut allergy is hard. Many quick store-bought snacks contain gluten, wheat, or nuts. However, it’s possible to find the best gluten free and nut free snacks. But it’d be nice if someone could point you in the right direction! The best gluten free and nut free snacks are often…

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Healthy Pancake Toppings (What to put on pancakes other than syrup)

By Lydia Knox / February 22, 2021

What are healthy pancake toppings other than syrup? Healthy pancake toppings include hemp seeds, nuts, and whole fruit, apple butter, and honey. Start by adding a nut butter for protein and healthy fats. Add fruit or seeds for additional nutrition. Syrup is tasty, but is very sugary and boring. Imagine, spicing up your breakfast routine…

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Healthy Bagel Toppings for Breakfast or Snack

By The Hummingbird / February 19, 2021
Healthy bagel toppings for breakfast or snack

Bagels are one of the first “easy” breakfast ideas people think of. Especially when they need to run out the door in the morning! It’s one of the few breakfasts people will eat untoasted, untopped, straight out of a coffee or bagel shop drive-through!  While the convenience of a fresh but dry bagel is almost…

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Healthy Hemp Heart Banana Bread – GF & DF

By The Hummingbird / February 15, 2021
Healthy Hemp heart banana bread FI

Most everyone has an idea of what banana bread is supposed to taste like. They also have an opinion on whether it’s worth tasting or not. But almost everyone agrees it belongs in the desserts or maybe breakfast foods category.  But what about the health of it? Is it good for you? Could it be…

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Simple Clean Eating Breakfast Ideas: What Can I Eat for Breakfast When Eating Clean?

By Lydia Knox / February 12, 2021
What can I eat for breakfast when eating clean FI

What are simple clean eating breakfast ideas? Fruits, vegetables, and natural sources of food are acceptable when clean eating. Avoid heavily processed foods or food with added sugar. Examples include low-sugar oatmeal, eggs, clean meats, and smoothies. Clean eating actually makes breakfast a much simpler process. A clean breakfast can give you long lasting energy,…

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Is Hemp a Complete Protein Containing All 9 Essential Amino Acids?

By Lydia Knox / February 8, 2021
Is hemp a complete protein containing all 9 essential amino acids FI

Finding out there are 20 amino acids that bond to make protein can be surprising. Most people don’t go around counting all the amino acids they eat. You know hemp is a great source of protein, but you may want to know if hemp is a complete protein. Hemp is a complete protein. A protein…

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The Best Nacho Toppings for Any Nacho Bar

By Lydia Knox / February 5, 2021
The Best Nacho Toppings for any nacho bar FI

It’s game time and you want to make something special and fun for your family. You think a nacho bar is perfect, but all you can think to add is your go-to Rotel and Velveeta queso. This year go all out for yourself and for your family with interesting new nacho toppings. The best nacho…

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Healthy Grab-and-Go Breakfast for School and Work

By Lydia Knox / February 3, 2021
Healthy grab and go breakfast for school and work FI

Are you like me and tired in the morning? With kids and a lot on the to-do-list, it’s easy to grab fast food for breakfast. But with a little planning and some great ideas, you can have a healthy grab-and-go breakfast for school and work. A good grab-and-go breakfast is healthy and fast. Humming Hemp…

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Mexican Hemp Heart Cauliflower Rice Recipe (Low-carb, keto friendly)

By The Hummingbird / February 1, 2021

Have you heard about cauliflower rice? It’s gaining popularity super quickly for a variety of great reasons.  But just like plain cauliflower gets boring, so does plain cauliflower rice. So we’re here to jazz it up some and make it much more exciting (and tasty)!  THIS hemp heart cauliflower rice recipe, in particular, is one…

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Why You Are Always Hungry on Keto Diet (Feel Full Again)

By Lydia Knox / January 31, 2021
Why you are always hungry on the keto diet

You were told that you’d never be hungry on keto, but here you are craving food. If you’ve been following the diet perfectly it can be hard to figure out why you’re always hungry on the keto diet.   Being hungry on the keto diet is normal. The human body needs to adjust to a new…

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