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What you need to know about raw hemp hearts: Facts and Benefits

By Hilary Kelsay / September 11, 2020
What you need to know about raw hemp hearts

What do you need to know about hemp hearts? If that’s the question on your mind today, you’ve come to the right place.  Bottom line up front: raw hemp hearts are the inner part of the hemp seed. Hemp hearts are cultivated from the Cannabis Sativa plant and they can be a part of a…

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Can I eat Hemp Hearts on a Whole30 diet?

By Hilary Kelsay / September 7, 2020
Hemp Hearts Whole30 Diet

You want to add hemp hearts to your Whole30 diet, but you’re not sure if they’re on the list of approved foods. So you ask yourself, can I eat hemp hearts on a Whole30 diet? We’ve been asked this question a lot so now it is time to get to the bottom of it. In…

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Hemp Seed Nutrition Facts: Health Benefits and Uses 

By Hilary Kelsay / September 2, 2020
Hemp Hearts Nutrition Facts

Hemp seed nutrition facts are a long list of health benefits. The vitamins and minerals inside can be used to benefit everything from your heart to your head. When reading a nutrition label hard to pronounce unnatural ingredients can be confusing. Isn’t it always nice to know exactly what you’re eating? In the case of…

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Can You Be Allergic to Hemp Hearts?

By Hilary Kelsay / August 12, 2020
Can you be allergic to hemp hearts

Can you be allergic to hemp hearts? Sadly, the answer is yes, but don’t worry too much yet, a hemp heart allergy is rare. To know for sure, you will have to check with your allergist. Until then, here are some symptoms you may encounter if you have a hemp heart food allergy.  Can You…

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Hemp Hearts and Pregnancy: Beneficial and Safe Superfood!

By Hilary Kelsay / August 12, 2020
Hemp Hearts and Pregnancy Beneficial and Safe Superfood

Finding healthy food you enjoy during pregnancy is difficult for more reasons than one. The benefits of hemp hearts during pregnancy can help provide a nutritious snack that you’ll actually enjoy. The superfood has a yummy nutty flavor that will satisfy your hunger, and provide beneficial nutrients for you and your new baby.  Is Hemp…

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Should hemp hearts be organic? (Organic vs. Natural hemp)

By Hilary Kelsay / August 4, 2020
New Packaging

  Organic or natural. The two words sound similar, but they’re not interchangeable. Learn the difference between natural and organic hemp hearts, and see why they’re becoming more and more popular in American pantries.   What are organic hemp hearts? Hemp hearts are a soft, chewy and slightly nutty-flavored superfood. They come from the industrial hemp…

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The zero-carb, full-protein superfood you’ve been looking for.

By Hilary Kelsay / July 15, 2020

At Humming Hemp, our non-GMO, USA-grown hemp hearts are the base ingredient for everything we make. With a nutty flavor, they’re also a tasty and healthy superfood on their own.  So, what exactly are hemp hearts?  A small, but mighty seed, hemp hearts contain 20 amino acids—including all nine essential amino acids. With zero net…

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Let Us Give Thanks

By Hilary Kelsay / November 12, 2019

A November Letter From Our CEO, Hilary Kelsay We are thankful! We are thankful for you, we are thankful for American-grown hemp, we are thankful for distribution with Kroger nationwide. As our buckets overflow this month allow us to give back to you, a member of our growing tribe. Enjoy two FREE hummingbars™ on us,…

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Hemp Hearts Vs. Hemp Seeds

By Dee Boyle / April 10, 2019

If you are looking for ways to add protein and other essential nutrients to your diet, look no further than hemp. As far as healthy snacks go, hemp hearts are at the top of the list. They pack a serious nutritional punch. Hemp hearts contain essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Three tablespoons of hemp…

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5 Things You Need To Know About Hemp Seeds

By kimraines / February 19, 2019

Hemp seeds are quickly becoming very popular. These super seeds are definitely worth the hype. Find out why. Many people consider hemp seeds to be a nutritional powerhouse. You can’t beat hemp seed nutrition. Hemp seeds have an excellent nutritional profile. They are a wholesome snack for the whole family. In this blog post, we’ll…

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