Benefits of Hemp Protein in Oatmeal (Bonus Recipe!)

If you’re trying to find ways to get more hemp in your day, try adding to your morning oatmeal. But what are the benefits of hemp protein in oatmeal? 

By adding hemp protein to oatmeal, your breakfast now packs in 20g of protein instead of 6g for regular oatmeal! Adding hemp protein to oatmeal is good for rebuilding muscle after exercise and feeling more satisfied to aid weight loss. 

The nutritional profile of hemp protein makes a simple bowl of oatmeal a much more well-balanced meal! 

While oatmeal alone is often considered one of the healthiest breakfast options, we want to make ours even better. We’ll show you how we do it and take a look at all the benefits of hemp protein!

What are the benefits of hemp protein in oatmeal? 

The benefits of hemp protein in oatmeal include better digestion and weight loss to reduced risk of heart disease. Oatmeal by itself is tremendously healthy in your diet; using hemp protein powder improves it considerably. You’ll have even higher levels of antioxidants, more protein for muscle building, reduced inflammation, and more. 

Hemp protein powder also provides a low level of essential fatty acids in the ideal ratio. It also adds extra fiber for improved digestion. 

Choosing a high quality hemp protein is best to ensure you’re getting the maximum benefits from this yummy breakfast. 

Whether you prefer freshly cooked oatmeal or overnight oats, the hemp protein offers the same “bonus” benefits either way! 

Some of the benefits you’ll get from this power combo include: 

  • High fiber content improves digestion
  • High fiber and high protein increase satisfaction. As a result, can improve weight loss efforts.
  • High protein speeds muscle recovery following exercise
  • High carbohydrate levels provide amply glycogen for available energy

Let’s dive into the specific benefits that you’ll get from both the oatmeal and the hemp protein boost. 



Benefits of oatmeal

Oatmeal is one of the healthiest whole grains — it’s high in fiber and antioxidants, plus has ample vitamins and minerals. It is also naturally gluten-free, making it a great choice for special diets plus it’s easy to digest

The main health benefits of oatmeal include: 

High levels of antioxidants, which can: 

  • Decrease blood pressure and the risk of heart diseases
  • Reduce inflammation and improve some chronic illnesses, such as asthma
  • Slow signs of aging

Plus lots of soluble fiber, which: 

  • Reduces cholesterol levels
  • Reduces blood sugar and helps regulate insulin
  • Promotes gut health by encouraging growth of good gut bacteria
  • Aids in digestive motility (i.e. better digestive health)
  • Feels filling and can promote weight loss (due to feeling full on less calories)

You’ll also get quite high vitamin and mineral boosts from your oatmeal. The nutrient density of oatmeal is impressive. Almost all of its available vitamin and mineral hits about 20% or more of the total recommended daily intake (RDI). 

With high nutrition that’s healthy and filling, it surprisingly has just a few hundred calories per serving. 

A bowl of oatmeal for breakfast each morning will go a long way for making your body its best. Even just reducing your insulin response helps regulate your entire body and improve your health! 

You’ll find comparable benefits from all types of oatmeal — steel-cut, rolled, or instant.

Benefits of hemp protein powder

The benefits of hemp protein powder by itself include both better fitness results as well as better overall health. Between 14g protein, 5g fiber, and 45% of your iron RDI per serving, you can see the health value! 

Hemp protein outperforms other common protein sources, including flax and chia seeds. It even has more protein than chicken! It takes protein to build (and rebuild) muscles. Consuming high quality protein after a workout matters.

By getting a clean, plant-based protein in your body, you’ll be helping your body rebuild efficiently. Hemp protein powder offers high protein per serving and it’s versatile in taste. Whether you eat it alone or with other foods, you’ll enjoy the flavor! 



As mentioned above, high fiber is huge for both improved digestion and overall digestive health. Iron is critical for ample oxygen levels in your body. Having sufficient iron improves your workout results, your immune system, and more! 

The health benefits of hemp protein powder include: 

High protein per serving, which results in: 

  • Increased energy, since protein is used as a “slow-release” energy source in the body
  • Well-built muscles, since hemp provides all 20 amino acids, including the 9 essential amino acids. These 9 special amino acids are the few your body cannot build, so dietary sources matter! 
  • A more satisfying meal, increasing your weight loss success

High amounts of key vitamins and minerals, such as: 

  • 45% of your RDI for Iron. High iron helps improve energy and alertness with sufficient oxygen transport in your blood. More oxygen to your brain means you’re more alert, even without coffee. Extra iron also encourages production of more red blood cells, for more energy! 
  • 70% of your Copper RDI. Copper is essential in red blood cell production, as well as nerve and immune system maintenance. It also boosts iron absorption. 
  • 180% of your RDI for Manganese. Manganese helps boost metabolism activity and improves protein digestion and absorption. This one mineral means you can absorb the protein from hemp better with it, than without it! 
  • 350% of your Thiamin RDI. Thiamin helps convert carbs into energy. It’s also a component of muscle and nerve impulses, which you obviously need for a good workout! 

As you can see, hemp protein powder is almost perfectly-made by nature. It doesn’t just provide ample high-quality protein that your body needs. It also includes all the “helper” vitamins and minerals for optimum absorption and use! 

Is it ok to add protein powder to oatmeal? 

Hemp protein powder is an extremely versatile food that can be added to oatmeal and more. The only thing to remember when adding it in, is that you’ll want to add it after cooking the oatmeal. 

Adding protein powder to something you’re already eating is a great way to increase your nutrition, easily. Hemp protein powder is no different. 

Heating the protein powder will not damage it. Instead, you risk reducing the  protein powder benefits if it’s cooked into the oatmeal. 

High heat can denature, or “unfold” proteins, which may reduce what it’s capable of in the body. All proteins depend on their shape to carry out their functions. Changing its shape may change its (ability to) function. 

The heat required to cook oatmeal is higher than the temperature at which you’ll eat it. Adding the hemp protein powder after your oatmeal is off the heat source will not risk damage to the protein. 



Can I put hulled hemp seeds into oatmeal? 

Hulled hemp seeds — called hemp hearts — are another great addition to oatmeal. Hemp hearts are a little bit different from hemp protein. They offer the same protein profile, but offer some additional nutritional benefits as well. 

Hemp hearts differ from hemp protein powder primarily in their essential fatty acid content. They do, however, have a slightly lower protein content.

The essential omega fatty acids found in hemp hearts offer added benefits like: 

  • Boosting energy levels
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Improving the health of your heart, eyes, brain, and bones

The ratio of omega fatty-acids in hemp hearts comes in nature’s perfect ratio — about 3:1, omega-6 to omega-3. There is a low level of these fatty acids in protein powder, but not much. Hemp hearts offer higher amounts of fatty-acids than protein powder, but in exchange for only about 10g protein per serving.

While you’ll get slightly less protein per serving, hemp hearts offer all the same health benefits of protein powder. 




How to make hemp protein oatmeal


¾ cup steel cut oats (cooked according to package directions - makes about 3 cups)

1 Tbsp Coconut oil

2 scoops Humming Hemp Pure Protein Powder 

1-3 Tbsp Raw USA Honey


  1. Mix oatmeal, coconut oil and water and cook according to package directions. 
  2. Transfer oatmeal to your bowl, and add in the hemp protein powder. Mix in evenly. 
  3. Drizzle with the Raw USA Honey, to taste.
  4. Add any desired mix-ins. 


  • You can substitute the steel cut oats for rolled oats, quick/instant oats, etc. They’ll all provide about the same nutrition and taste! 
  • For a little extra texture, try hemp hearts instead of the hemp protein powder.
  • Optional addition: for an extra tasty and healthy breakfast, mix in more goodies to taste! Try fresh, frozen, or dried fruits or berries, nuts, seeds, coconut, etc. Just keep an eye on your sugar content with the fruits, and reduce the amount of honey if needed. 



Summary: Hemp protein in oatmeal

Adding hemp protein powder to your oatmeal adds a boost to an already healthy breakfast. Combining two nutrient-dense and healthful foods offer even better health benefits than either product alone. 

Hemp protein in oatmeal brings high fiber, excellent vitamin and mineral levels, and ample energy to your morning. Throughout the day your body will build muscle, keep you alert, and boost your immune system. You’ll even start getting healthier from the inside out as your digestive health gets a great boost! 

When every bite counts towards either bettering or hurting your health, it’s important to make healthy food choices. Oatmeal and hemp protein are two choices you’ll never regret making! 

Every part of hemp protein’s nutrition seems custom-designed for promoting a healthy human body. Oatmeal is perfect for a filling (and tasty) start to your day! Put these two together and you’ll enjoy benefits like better heart health, reduced inflammation, and better weight. 

No matter the type of oats or the source of your hemp protein, you can feel good about every bite.

If you’re ready to better your breakfast routine, it’s time to stock up on some high-quality hemp products. You can purchase all of our hemp products online at: 

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