What You Need to Know About Hemp Protein Powder: Facts and Benefits

What do you need to know about hemp protein powder?

Hemp protein powder is a nutrient dense superfood which contains more protein than chicken. The protein in hemp contains all twenty amino acids including nine essential ones. On top of that, it contains essential fatty acids and micronutrients like iron, magnesium, and calcium just to name a few.  

Imagine, getting protein, fatty acids, and amino acids all in one scoop. You feel healthier than ever by adding one scoop of protein in your daily routine.

Simply put, hemp protein powder is good for you. 

Hemp protein has vitamins and minerals that go to work to help every part of your body. Hemp protein powder is good for your heart health, immune health, and muscle growth. 

In this article, you’ll learn exactly why hemp protein powder is good for more than only a plant-based lifestyle. See what the protein has to offer and exactly what’s inside.

What is Hemp Protein Powder?

Hemp powder is a plant-based protein ground from whole hemp seeds. The complete protein contains every essential amino acid. In the grinding process, hemp protein powder is able to retain a good amount of fat making it one of the rare sources of protein to also contain essential fatty acids. 

The process of making hemp protein powder is not the same for everyone. Adding heat to the process can affect the digestibility of hemp protein. Cold-pressed seeds like Humming Hemp work best for good nutrition. 

Humming Hemp hemp seeds are carefully cold-pressed to retain nutrients inside. Hemp seeds are then ground into a fine powder so that you can absorb it faster.



The hemp seeds used are 100% certified raw and vegan. Many popular protein powders are animal-based. People associate protein with animals, but hemp proves you can get a complete plant-based protein that works for weight loss and muscle gain.

Though it’s believed that plant-based proteins are hard to digest, hemp is different. Hemp is made up of easy to digest proteins and contains fiber. 

The attributes found in hemp protein make it a unique protein source. The purpose of protein powder is to give you protein fast. While it’s primarily used before or after workouts it can also fill nutritional gaps. 

Hemp protein powder, in particular, fills a lot of gaps. Unlike most protein powders it contains a multitude of added benefits besides protein. Hemp naturally provides vitamins and minerals that are essential to our bodies. 

The nutritional benefits are all naturally occurring in the hemp seed. No other ingredients are added.

You can say goodbye to DHA supplements and BCAA’s to help you add more nutrients. The hemp seed already has a long list of naturally occurring substances that our bodies need. 

Is Hemp Protein Powder Good for You?

Hemp protein powder is good for you. Vitamins and minerals such as thiamin and iron found in hemp are important for your everyday health. 

Whether you’re a bodybuilder, need more protein, or are looking for a quick meal on the go hemp is for you. Hemp protein contains the essentials you need. 

Essentials in your diet are the macronutrients protein, fat, and carbohydrates. However, essentials also include the micronutrients that support the macros. 

Here are some essentials we need to survive:

  • Omega fatty acids
  • Nine essential amino acids
  • Thirteen essential vitamins
  • Large amounts of macrominerals
  • Small amounts of trace minerals

You have to get these nutrients into your diet one way or another because your body can’t make them. Food is how we get these nutrients, but if you are missing them you can end up with deficiencies. So hemp isn’t just good for you, it also provides essentials. 

Hemp contains:

  • All essential omega fatty acids
  • 20 amino acids
  • Essential vitamins B1 and B3
  • Four macrominerals 
  • Four trace minerals

So the question isn’t really is hemp powder good for you, it’s what isn’t hemp protein powder good for? 

Does Hemp Protein Powder Have CBD in it?

Hemp protein powder doesn’t contain CBD. CBD is found in the leaves and flowers of hemp plants. While hemp seeds come from the hemp plant they are not from the flowers or leaves. 

CBD is one of the hundreds of chemical compounds found inside the cannabis plant. According to the FDA, there are risks of consuming CBD, especially if you’re pregnant and breastfeeding

The FDA has not approved the use of CBD products. In an evaluation, the FDA studied hemp seed-derived food and have no objections to their use. 

Humming Hemp protein powder doesn’t contain CBD or THC and is safe to consume



What are the Benefits of Hemp Protein Powder?

Hemp protein powder contains several health benefits. The complete protein has the amino acids needed for muscle repair and growth. The healthy fat in hemp is anti-inflammatory and responsible for many of the benefits including heart, immune, and brain health. To bring all the benefits together fiber ensures hemp protein gets digested and absorbed properly. 

There are too many health benefits of hemp protein powder to name all in one place. Aside from helping your body function hemp also helps fight and prevent disease. 

Hemp can help if you have worries about diabetes or high blood pressure. Hemp protein contains anti-inflammatory properties which is the reason for its ability to boost the immune system and brain health. 

The protein can lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol, boost metabolism, and regulate hormones. Hemp can even help reduce symptoms of PMS and menopause

If that list wasn’t enough, hemp protein powder promotes weight loss and builds and repairs muscle damage. 

Hemp is able to do all this because of what’s found inside. For example, the fiber in hemp helps you feel fuller longer while boosting your metabolism.

If we take a look at hemp we find that hemp has components such as antioxidants, unsaturated fats, amino acids, tocopherols, and essential nutrients that are the source of the benefits.

To break down hemp and understand its benefits you have to start with what’s inside. Then you can see how hemp helps with nearly every part of your body inside and out. 

Some of the benefits that we can cover include:

  • A supply of essential nutrients
  • Heart-healthy antioxidants
  • Muscle repair and growth
  • Anti Inflammatory properties including immune health and brain health
  • Better digestion 

These are just some of the benefits that come from two scoops of hemp protein powder. Many of these are about what’s on the inside. But hemp also has benefits for your hair, skin, and nails. 

Hemp has benefits that can assist with whatever heath needs you have inside and out. 

A Supply of Essential Nutrients and Minerals

The vitamins, minerals, and nutrients found in hemp protein are responsible for the benefits listed above. However, the minerals themselves are important enough to mention in detail. 

As stated before your body needs essential nutrients that it can’t get from anywhere but food. Hemp protein powder is responsible for essential amino acids and omega fatty acids. However, it’s the amount of minerals hemp covers in a serving that is impressive.

The list of minerals in hemp protein powder is impressive enough before you consider how much we need. Our bodies need a large number of macrominerals and hemp protein delivers. 

Hemp protein powder contains: 

  • Calcium
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese 
  • Zinc

In one serving hemp protein powder contains up to 52% of the iron you need. Half of your daily value of iron is a lot of value in a couple of scoops. 



Heart Healthy Antioxidants

Hemp seeds promote a healthy heart for more than one reason. Hemp contains unsaturated omega fatty acids and antioxidants. In fact, other protein powders don’t contain the amount of fat of hemp protein powder.  

Eating too many omega-6 fatty acids have been linked to heart disease and cancer. Hemp has a 3:1 ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids.  Foods that have a good ratio help correct the amount of omega-6 fatty acids we get in our diet and promote heart health.

Hemp seeds also contain antioxidants. In recent studies, new lignanamides with antioxidative properties were found in hemp seeds. Lignanamides make hemp seeds a good source of bioactive compounds and proactive compounds. 

In other words, hemp seeds contain compounds that promote good health and are being studied because of their prevention of cancer and heart diseases. 

If that wasn’t enough hemp protein powder contains phytosterols that fight cholesterol protecting you from heart disease. 

Muscle Repair and Growth

Hemp protein is a complete protein, meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids. The amino acids in protein are the reason bodybuilders take protein powders and amino supplements. 

The main reason for amino supplements is to repair the muscles you build. We all know that protein builds muscle, but when you workout you rip and tear your muscles to grow them. Strenuous activity without repair causes weak muscles. 

So protein is important for everyone, bodybuilder or not. Every amino acid you need is covered in hemp. 

The protein in hemp (edestin and albumin) breaks down in the body quickly. Helping you digest and absorb everything the protein has to offer.

Lean sources of proteins aren’t only great for muscle repair they also boost your metabolism. As your muscles grow you also naturally burn more fat. So, while you work to grow your muscles you burn more fat and your metabolism helps keep the fat off. 

Anti Inflammatory Properties

When it comes to hemp seeds the anti-inflammatory properties help with heart health, brain health, and immune health. 

The Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA) found in hemp helps fight inflammation in the brain. GLA is one of the essential fatty acids that can’t be made in the body. 

The fatty acid is responsible for healthy bones, skin, and hair. Moreover, GLA is one of the omega-6 fatty acids that help improve your overall immune health. 

When it comes to immune health the number one cause of chronic illness is inflammation. Consuming fatty acids reduce inflammation throughout the body and reduce the risk of you getting sick. 

Better Digestion

Hemp is made up of a protein that is easy to digest and is a good source of fiber. High fiber is great for your blood sugar, weight loss, and better digestion. 

Hemp protein contains more fiber than most protein powders, just one more thing that sets it apart. Fiber helps the body in a few ways. Fiber can help lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. This is because fiber can slow the absorption of sugar and reduce inflammation. 

When you eat fiber it softens your stool making it easier to pass and eliminate toxins. The elimination of toxins helps with your overall bowel health.

Stool that’s easier to pass prevents hemorrhoids and pouches from forming in your colon. As a result, fiber plays a big role in lowering your risk of colon cancer.

Hemp protein powder makes it easy to combine the benefits of protein and fiber in one place. You can even add the powder to water to give the fiber everything needed to work its magic on your digestive health. 

Summary: Hemp Protein Powder Facts and Benefits

Hemp protein may not be what you thought of before you found out it doesn’t contain CBD. The powder ground from whole hemp seeds is more beneficial than most protein powders on the market.

You need to know that hemp protein powder has benefits for nearly every part of your body. 

Hemp is proven to be an essential and natural way to get the nutrition you need. The vitamins and minerals aid in everything from heart health to digestive health. To put it simply, hemp protein powder is good for you.

Studies show that it’s beneficial if you want protection from colon cancer, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Antioxidants and tocopherols are being studied to find out how much more of a benefit hemp protein can be. 

Hemp is useful and convenient for everyday needs like getting your daily nutritional values and helping with workout recovery. So whether you’re trying to lose weight or simply get more protein in your diet, hemp is working overtime for you.

Pick up Humming Hemp hemp protein powder today to start receiving some of the benefits you now know about.