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The Best Healthy Breakfasts for Weight Gain

By Lydia Knox / April 5, 2021

With so much focus on weight loss, it can be difficult for those who need to gain weight to find information about how to gain safely. The best way to do that is to start with the most important meal of the day. After fasting all night you’ll need healthy breakfasts for weight gain. The…

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Whole30 Approved Protein Powder + Bonus Shake Recipe

By Lydia Knox / February 24, 2021
Whole30 Approved Protein Powder

So you’re starting Whole30, but you really rely on your protein powder. When you head to the gym you want to be sure you can have a Whole30 approved shake after. Luckily, your favorite, hemp protein, is on the list of Whole30 approved protein powder. Whole30 has an official vital protein collagen peptides mix. But…

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What You Need to Know About Hemp Protein Powder: Facts and Benefits

By Lydia Knox / February 17, 2021
What you need to know about hemp protein powder Facts and Benefits FI

What do you need to know about hemp protein powder? Hemp protein powder is a nutrient dense superfood which contains more protein than chicken. The protein in hemp contains all twenty amino acids including nine essential ones. On top of that, it contains essential fatty acids and micronutrients like iron, magnesium, and calcium just to…

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Simple Clean Eating Breakfast Ideas: What Can I Eat for Breakfast When Eating Clean?

By Lydia Knox / February 12, 2021
What can I eat for breakfast when eating clean FI

What are simple clean eating breakfast ideas? Fruits, vegetables, and natural sources of food are acceptable when clean eating. Avoid heavily processed foods or food with added sugar. Examples include low-sugar oatmeal, eggs, clean meats, and smoothies. Clean eating actually makes breakfast a much simpler process. A clean breakfast can give you long lasting energy,…

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Is Hemp a Complete Protein Containing All 9 Essential Amino Acids?

By Lydia Knox / February 8, 2021
Is hemp a complete protein containing all 9 essential amino acids FI

Finding out there are 20 amino acids that bond to make protein can be surprising. Most people don’t go around counting all the amino acids they eat. You know hemp is a great source of protein, but you may want to know if hemp is a complete protein. Hemp is a complete protein. A protein…

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What are the Easiest Proteins to Digest?

By Lydia Knox / January 31, 2021

Getting all the nutrients you need is hard enough without worrying about digestion. You know you need protein, but now you’ve heard some are easier to digest than others. All you want to know is what are the easiest proteins to digest? The easiest proteins to digest allow you to absorb amino acids in the…

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Shelled Hemp Seed Benefits for Babies & Toddlers

By Lydia Knox / January 10, 2021
Shelled Hemp Seed Benefits for Babies & Toddlers

What are the benefits of hemp seeds for babies and toddlers? Hemp seeds provide many nutritional benefits for babies and toddlers, including heart and brain health. Consuming hemp provides fiber for digestive health and fatty acids which boost immunity. A diet which includes hemp seeds will keep your baby operating at optimal health. Imagine, finding…

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Can I Use Hemp Oil for an Overnight Mask?

By The Hummingbird / December 29, 2020
Can I Use Hemp Oil for an Overnight Mask

Hemp oil has some fantastic benefits for your skin and overall health. However, you may be wondering, “Can you use hemp oil for an overnight mask?”. Hemp oil can be used for an overnight mask. To do this, massage a tablespoon of hemp oil onto a freshly washed face with clean hands. When you wake…

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How Do You Use Hemp Oil to Strengthen and Repair Nails?

By Lydia Knox / December 29, 2020
How do you use hemp oil to strengthen and repair nails

You found out there’s not a lot of evidence behind the idea supplements help give you strong nails. Sadly, if you’re like me you haven’t been able to get to the nail salon. So you’ve probably been wondering, how do you use hemp oil to strengthen and repair nails? Hemp oil can be used to…

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What are the benefits of a hemp oil bath? (& How to make one)

By The Hummingbird / December 29, 2020
What are the benefits of a hemp oil bath And how to make one

After a long, stressful day; one of my favorite ways to relax is taking a warm bath. I’ve heard about hemp oil baths before, but I wondered, what are the benefits of a hemp oil bath?  A hemp oil bath can soothe skin, treat many skin conditions and help fight inflammation. To make a hemp…

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