Healthy Grab-and-Go Breakfast for School and Work

Are you like me and tired in the morning? With kids and a lot on the to-do-list, it’s easy to grab fast food for breakfast. But with a little planning and some great ideas, you can have a healthy grab-and-go breakfast for school and work.

A good grab-and-go breakfast is healthy and fast. Humming Hemp products are simple and made for grab-go-breakfasts. Protein, omega fatty acids, and vitamins in hemp give you the energy you need to get going in the morning.

The best part about hemp products is they are versatile and can work with other healthy ingredients for dozens of ideas. Hemp hearts, for example, can be added to other recipes and prepped to go in the morning. 

On this list, we’ll show you it’s possible to have a healthy breakfast that’s also fast and delicious. Whether you know all about hemp seeds or not this list is for you. 

Of course, we’ll talk about why hemp is great for grab-and-go. But keep reading because we’ll also list other healthy breakfast ideas that you can take with you in the morning. 

What is a Good Grab-And-Go Breakfast?

A good grab-and-go breakfast is something that’s ready to eat with little or no preparation. A healthy and fast breakfast should have a lot of nutrition in a small bite, for a lively morning. 

The most popular grab-and-go breakfast is a smoothie or a protein bar. Breakfasts loaded with protein offer energy, vitamins, and minerals. However, you’ve probably already tried these options. 

To make smoothies and protein bars more interesting you can add fresh new ingredients. With some variations, you can make your breakfast more interesting. By adding hemp protein to your breakfast you can get more nutritional bang for your buck. 

When looking for a good grab-and-go breakfast search results might turn up fast food. However, it’s possible to prepare quick healthy grab-and-go options at home.

Try these fifteen breakfast ideas to mix and match for healthy breakfast ideas all year round.

1. Humming Bars 

If you’re looking for no prep time try our ready to eat Humming Bars. Hemp bars contain protein with all your essential amino acids and omega fatty acids. These protein bars have a lot of nutrition packed into a bar that you can unwrap and eat anywhere. 

Humming Bars are great for everyone, so you can use them before school or work. Try all five flavors and choose your favorite each morning. 



2. Hemp Hearts

Hemp hearts are great snacks or toppings for a healthy grab-and-go breakfast. Because of their versatility, you’ll find hemp hearts work with a few of the recipes on this list. Hemp hearts are great on their own, but they really help you get the nutrition you need in other breakfast recipes.

Hemp has health benefits that aid in a healthy heart and a better immune system. You can give them to babies and toddlers, so no need for separate breakfasts in the morning.  

You can even sprinkle hemp seeds into yogurt on the way out the door and pop the bag in the fridge. As you’ll see as you continue this list, hemp hearts work well for prepping baked and frozen items for your healthy breakfast the next day.

3. Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp protein powder can be used for easy shakes and smoothies in the morning. But did you know you can add hemp powder to other breakfast recipes as well? 

When you bake your muffins or egg cups you can add hemp protein powder to give them essential amino acids. 

If you are really in a hurry but want fast nutrition you can even add hemp protein powder to your coffee. It doesn’t get more on the go than that. 

4. Egg Cups 

Egg cups and mini quiches are a lot easier to make than they sound. While this breakfast takes a little time to prep, the day before, it’s not much to do when you consider the benefits. You can mix and match egg cup ingredients in dozens of ways. 

All you really need is a muffin tin, some of your favorite vegetables, and add-ins. Try hemp hearts and veggies for an eggy and nutty fulfilling breakfast.

5. Tomato Cups 

Take egg cups a step further with the baked tomato egg cup. Instead of making an egg muffin bake your egg into the tomato the night before and grab-and-go in the morning. 

This egg trick can be done with almost any vegetable you can fill. Crack an egg in an avocado or bell pepper to make easy to hold high protein breakfast. 

6. Smoothies

I know you’ve had smoothie after smoothie in the morning, but they’re fast and healthy breakfast. I continue to make smoothies simply because kids love them. Try something new, like adding hemp hearts, to make them more interesting. 

To make frozen smoothies quicker and easier in the morning pre-package your smoothies. If they are already in your to-go-cup you can set them out to thaw before you run out of the door. 

But what if it’s a cold time of year? Try a warm winter smoothie using fall ingredients like apple pie, chai latte, or hot chocolate. 

Making a warm winter smoothie can be easier than it sounds. There’s no rule stating you have to add ice to a smoothie. Use room temperature ingredients or simply warm them up in the morning.



7. Homemade Applesauce Pouches

If you’ve bought applesauce and baby food pouches then you know these little snacks are helpful. Little ones love these and can eat them on the go with just a twist of a cap. But did you know you can make these on your own?

You can make pouches for everyone in the family. When you make your own you can choose your own ingredients that you know your little ones love best. Choose baby-friendly recipes like sweet potato and white beans and make applesauce versions for the big kids, including yourself. 

8. Mini Muffins

Mini muffins made at home can cut down on unnecessary calories and give you a much healthier option. For healthy muffin options choose healthy add-ins and cut back on the sugar. Vegan options allow you to add applesauce or flax eggs for substitutions.

The best part about mini muffins is you can eat one for a quick snack or eat a bunch to fill you up. Either way, you can bake in hemp protein powder or sprinkle some hemp hearts on top to give it more nutritional value. 

9. Energy Balls/ Bites

Energy balls can be fast, easy, and no-bake. Like little protein bars, energy bites can contain almost any ingredients you want. 

You can tailor your recipe to fit your diet plan. For example, if you are on keto you can make energy balls into fat bombs. They are the best and easiest ways to get high energy food like oatmeal, nuts, and hemp seeds in one place. The best part about energy bites is kids love them. It’s fun to eat circular food. 



10. Breakfast Wraps and Quesadillas

The tortilla can be quick and useful for more than Taco Tuesday. Instead of making a wrap for lunch, use your tortilla in the morning. You can have a classic egg or ham wrap for a quick breakfast. 

Using a tortilla you can get more creative and make a sweet breakfast with fruit, nut butter, and crunchy granola.

11. Oatmeal Squares 

Oatmeal squares are similar to energy balls and protein bars with one major difference. They are made entirely of oatmeal. The focus here is to get the carbs you need, primarily fiber. 

To change up this classic when you make your oatmeal bars be sure to spread them a little thinner. Thin oatmeal squares double as a great way to hold a sandwich. 

You can get the calories and nutrients you need by spreading nut butter and hemp seeds in the middle. Make oatmeal square sandwiches that you can pop and eat on the go. Oatmeal squares can be a new way to try a peanut butter and banana breakfast sandwich.

12. Yogurt on a Stick

Yogurt on a stick is just what it sounds like. Turn your yogurt into a frozen on the go breakfast parfait. Just add a few blueberries, granola, and hemp seeds to your yogurt. Take a popsicle stick and put it right through the top of your yogurt and freeze.

When you’re ready to eat your yogurt, don’t remove the top. The yogurt lid acts as a little holding cup for your frozen yogurt. Now you’ve got a healthy option for a sweet morning treat that your kids will love as much as you do. 

13. Apple Slice Sandwiches

Fruit just works well with breakfast. If you’re tired of your savory bacon and egg options go for the fruit. Apple slices can take the place of bread to make a quick, sweet, kid-friendly option in the morning. 

Slice your apple and add a little lemon juice, so they won’t brown too quickly. Place fun and healthy ingredients in between your slices to make apple slice sandwiches with a lot of flavor. 



14. Breakfast Cookie

How do you feel about a cookie for breakfast? I’m sure the kids would approve. Breakfast cookies are different from your regular chocolate chip cookie. When you add in egg whites, oats, and sweeten with honey you’ve got a different kind of cookie.

Surprise your family with clean breakfast cookies that can be a sweet reward for hurrying downstairs in the morning. 

15. Breakfast Box

Bento boxes are popular for lunch, but they also work well for breakfast. You can prepare an entire week’s worth of breakfast into a box that can sit on your lap while your on-the-go.

You can fill your box with anything that you or your kids love. Get creative and mix and match store-bought snacks and homemade. Remember you can pick up grab-and-go smoothies, juice boxes, yogurt tubes, and milk that only need to be opened. 

For more ideas try:

  • Apple slices
  • Boiled eggs
  • Fruit skewers (with bananas and berries)
  • Rice cakes
  • Bagel sandwiches
  • Chocolate covered espresso beans (just for mom or dad)
  • Hemp bars
  • Hemp hearts
  • Muffins
  • Cereal 
  • Mini waffles
  • Bacon
  • Applesauce pouches
  • Whole fruit

This is just a start. For make-ahead breakfast boxes, you can add anything that will fit. 

Summary: Healthy Grab-and-Go Breakfast for School and Work

Humming Hemp has the products you need whether you’re looking for a healthy breakfast to buy or you want to make your own healthy breakfast foods at home. 

The list you just read has the grab-and-go breakfast ideas for school and work you need. You don’t have to settle for going through the drive-through in the morning. With easy ideas like a smoothie or muffin, you can get all the nutrients you need in a hurry. 

If you want to be more inventive try fun ideas like yogurt on a stick, apple slice sandwiches, or energy balls. No matter the ideas we’ve got the ingredients for you.

To get started prepping, pick up your Humming Hemp ingredients in our online store. Check out our recipe page for more ideas and have a healthy breakfast.


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