Hemp Health Posts

Does Hemp Affect Your Hormone Balance?

By The Hummingbird / November 23, 2020

Hemp-based products have never been more popular than now. But what exactly do we know about how hemp products affect our hormones? Hemp can positively affect your hormone balance through its nutrient density, gamma-linolenic acid, and cannabidiol. Consuming hemp products affects the body’s endocrine system which releases hormones.  Hemp is a nutritious plant, containing a…

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What are the Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil in Toothpaste?

By The Hummingbird / November 10, 2020

Shopping for new dental hygiene products, you’ve probably noticed toothpaste brands advertising their use of hemp seed oil. You may wonder, what are the benefits of hemp seed oil in toothpaste? Hemp seed oil toothpaste supports healthy teeth and gums. As a toothpaste, it naturally whitens teeth, prevents tooth decay, and prevents gum disease. Hemp…

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What Are the Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil for Menopause?

By The Hummingbird / November 8, 2020

Hemp seed oil has a reputation for providing many medicinal and nutritional benefits. Science confirmed recently, hemp seed oil holds special promise for treating menopause. This painful and uncomfortable condition affects all women at some point in their lives.  Hemp seed oil effectively treats menopause by reducing mood-related symptoms and balancing hormonal production. It protects…

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Hemp Oil: Uses for Hair, Skin, and Nails

By Lydia Knox / November 8, 2020

Hemp oil has a multitude of benefits for everything on your body including hair, skin, and nails. Knowing that hemp oil is good for you is only one part of the puzzle.  You need to know: how can I use hemp oil for my hair, skin, and nails?  Hemp oil can be used as a…

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How to Use Hemp Oil for Scalp Psoriasis

By Lydia Knox / November 2, 2020

You’ve used hemp oil for everything from a makeup remover to a moisturizer. You even take it daily as a supplement. So when looking into issues with scalp psoriasis you may want to know how hemp oil can help. You might ask: what are the uses of hemp oil for scalp psoriasis? Hemp oil can…

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Hemp’d Up Coffee

By The Hummingbird / October 27, 2020

Are you a coffee drinker? It seems like either people can’t live without their coffee or couldn’t care less about it.  So let’s assume you DO depend on your morning cup to get your day going.  Are you actually getting much out of your coffee, besides a little friendly, welcome wake-up call, and hopefully a…

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Benefits of Hemp Hearts on a Keto Diet

By The Hummingbird / October 19, 2020

When I first heard of the keto diet, I didn’t know what to think. There is so much information about it. I first thought a diet that encouraged mostly fat and protein could never work.  But the more I saw the results, the more I was intrigued.  The major issue for me was finding enough…

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Can You Use Hemp Oil for Hair Conditioner?

By The Hummingbird / October 19, 2020

Hemp oil can be used as a conditioner no matter what your hair type is. To use hemp oil as a conditioner, apply it to freshly washed hair and leave it in for moisturization and shine. Hemp oil can also be used for deep conditioning. To deep condition using hemp oil, try a hot oil…

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Hemp Oil: Benefits for Hair, Skin, and Nails

By Lydia Knox / October 13, 2020

We all want silky smooth skin and nails with hair that belongs on a book cover. If you’re looking for the best product for long luxurious locks you may ask, what are the benefits of hemp oil for hair, skin, and nails? Hemp oil benefits your hair, skin, and nails by giving them shine and…

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How do You Use Hemp Oil as a Moisturizer?

By The Hummingbird / October 9, 2020

“How do you use hemp oil as a moisturizer?”, is a common question that we get here at Humming Hemp. I’m here to answer it!  To use hemp oil as a moisturizer, apply hemp oil directly to clean skin and leave on for a few minutes before washing off with warm water. Hemp oil can…

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