Can You Use Hemp Oil for Hair Conditioner?

Hemp oil can be used as a conditioner no matter what your hair type is. To use hemp oil as a conditioner, apply it to freshly washed hair and leave it in for moisturization and shine.

Hemp oil can also be used for deep conditioning. To deep condition using hemp oil, try a hot oil treatment or scalp treatment. 

Hemp oil can also be taken orally (1-2 teaspoons daily) for many of the same benefits. Some of these benefits include increasing moisturization, providing essential nutrients, and preventing hair loss.

Luckily for you, I’m going to show you how to use hemp oil as a conditioner. Your hair is going to look amazing and your scalp will never be dry again!

Can You Use Hemp Oil for Hair Conditioner?

Hemp oil can easily be used as a hair conditioner. It can be used as both a traditional conditioner that is washed out or a leave-in conditioner. 

How Do You Use Hemp Oil for Hair Benefits?

How you use hemp oil as a conditioner depends on your hair type. Dry, coarse, and curly hair should use hemp oil as a leave-in conditioner. Fine hair should use hemp oil as a hot oil treatment. Hemp oil can also be taken orally for the same benefits.

If you have dry, course, or curly hair, you can use it as a leave-in conditioner. All you need to do is distribute a small amount from the middle of your hair to the ends. You can do this daily or as needed to give your hair an extra boost of moisture and shine. 

If you have fine, straight hair, you can use hemp oil as a hot oil treatment. To do a hot oil treatment follow these steps:

  • Warm up 3 to 6 tablespoons of hemp oil in the microwave
  • Once warmed and not hot to the touch, apply to freshly washed hair
  • Apply it evenly throughout your hair and massage it into your scalp
  • Cover your hair for 20 minutes
  • Rinse it out and follow up with regular conditioner

Lastly, for a dry or oily scalp, hemp seed oil can be applied directly to the scalp. Leave it in overnight and wash it out with shampoo in the morning.

Hemp oil can also be taken internally to get all of the benefits it provides. To take hemp oil internally, you can eat 1 to 2 teaspoons daily. You can work your way up to 2 teaspoons a day, by starting with ½ a teaspoon. 

Is Hemp Oil Safe to Use as a Hair Conditioner?

Rest assured, hemp oil is safe for you to use as a hair conditioner. It will not harm your hair, eyes, or skin. 

Will Hemp Oil Irritate Your Skin?

It is unlikely that hemp oil will irritate your skin. Hemp oil is safe (and even beneficial) for all skin types. However, there is a chance that it could irritate your skin. If you want to be sure that it won’t, test it on a small patch of skin before using it on your hair. 

Some reactions you might encounter include redness, itching, or rashes. If you do not experience these reactions, hemp oil is safe for you to use.

If you believe you have a skin condition that might be irritated by hemp oil, check with your doctor or allergist first. 

What if Hemp Oil Gets in Your Eyes?

If hemp oil gets into your eyes, you may experience slight irritation. Hemp oil is great for your hair and skin, but not meant for your eyes. If you get it in your eyes, you should rinse out your eyes with cool water for at least 15 minutes. 

Will Hemp Oil Clog Your Pores?

Hemp oil is non-comedogenic, meaning that it will not clog your pores. Hemp oil is rated as a zero on the comedogenic scale. The comedogenic scale is a scientific scale that rates if a product or ingredient will clog pores. 



The less ingredients a product has the easier it is to know if it will clog your pores. Our hemp oil contains just that: hemp oil! 

Why does this matter to your hair? Your hair grows out of your scalp which is skin! You may have heard that healthy hair grows from a healthy scalp. Hemp oil will keep your scalp free from clogs and ready for healthy hair to grow through. 

How Does Hemp Oil Benefit Hair?

Hemp oil benefits hair in a multitude of different ways such as moisturizing hair, stimulating growth, and strengthening hair.

In general, natural oils (like hemp oil) can also provide the following benefits:

  • Preventing too much water from being absorbed 
  • Preventing the penetration of some substances into hair follicles
  • Enhancing lubrication of the hair shaft
  • Reducing the combing force of wet hair

However, hemp oil has some additional unique properties that make it a powerhouse for healthy hair. 



Increases Moisturization

Hemp oil contains the polyunsaturated fats Omega-3 and Omega-6 in the highest concentration of all natural oils. The fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 are hydrophilic (retains water) and hydrophobic (repels water). 

The retention of water will increase the moisturization of your hair. The repelling of water will boost the shine as well as prevent too much from being absorbed. When too much water is absorbed it can cause hair to swell and break. It allows for the perfect balance needed for healthy hair.

Provides Essential Nutrients

Hemp oil has the above fatty acids in abundance. This is key because the body is unable to produce them. These fatty acids work so well because they are in the ratio of 3:1. This ratio is needed for the body to process them optimally.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 also have anti-inflammatory properties. Hemp seed oil is particularly great for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis that are caused by inflammation. If you have these or similar conditions near your hairline, it can provide an additional benefit.




Improves Hair Density

Hemp oil would easily help with improving hair density (or the thickness of hair). Researchers studying Omega-3 and Omega-6 found that hair density increased when taking them supplementally. To increase your hair density, take a couple of teaspoons of hemp oil. You’ll be on your way to thicker, more luxurious hair!

Can Hemp Oil Help Regrow Hair?

Hemp oil assists in the regrowth of hair because of its nutrient rich composition. Hair grows best when it is supported by a healthy body. The healthier you are overall, the healthier your hair will be. In addition to its benefits for hair, hemp oil can assist with brain health, heart health, and more. This article can tell you even more about the benefits of hemp oil for your body (and mind). 

Once you’ve grown your new, beautiful hair, Omega-3 and Omega-6 helps to prevent hair loss. Those same researchers found that the majority of their participants reported less hair loss. Taking hemp oil not only assists with hair growth, it provides a nourishing environment for that new hair to thrive. 

Summary: Hemp Oil as a Hair Conditioner

Using hemp oil as a conditioner is easy and provides your hair with a lot of amazing benefits. To use this oil as a hair conditioner, put it in freshly washed hair. It can then be rinsed out or left-in depending on your hair type.

Other ways to use hemp oil to benefit include taking it internally by taking 1 to 2 teaspoons a day. You can also add the same amount to your favorite soups, salads, or smoothies. 

Hemp oil can play a large role in making sure your hair is healthy, especially starting at the scalp. Specifically, hemp oil can help you with increasing moisturization, gaining essential nutrients, increasing hair density, and regrowing hair. 

Using hemp oil as a hair conditioner will leave your hair feeling and looking its best!

If you’d like to start getting the benefits of using hemp oil as a conditioner, check out our hemp oil products here on our website or find them locally using our store locator