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Can I Use Hemp Oil for an Overnight Mask?

By The Hummingbird / December 29, 2020
Can I Use Hemp Oil for an Overnight Mask

Hemp oil has some fantastic benefits for your skin and overall health. However, you may be wondering, “Can you use hemp oil for an overnight mask?”. Hemp oil can be used for an overnight mask. To do this, massage a tablespoon of hemp oil onto a freshly washed face with clean hands. When you wake…

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How Do You Use Hemp Oil to Strengthen and Repair Nails?

By Lydia Knox / December 29, 2020
How do you use hemp oil to strengthen and repair nails

You found out there’s not a lot of evidence behind the idea supplements help give you strong nails. Sadly, if you’re like me you haven’t been able to get to the nail salon. So you’ve probably been wondering, how do you use hemp oil to strengthen and repair nails? Hemp oil can be used to…

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What are the benefits of a hemp oil bath? (& How to make one)

By The Hummingbird / December 29, 2020
What are the benefits of a hemp oil bath And how to make one

After a long, stressful day; one of my favorite ways to relax is taking a warm bath. I’ve heard about hemp oil baths before, but I wondered, what are the benefits of a hemp oil bath?  A hemp oil bath can soothe skin, treat many skin conditions and help fight inflammation. To make a hemp…

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Can You Get High From Eating Hemp?

By Lydia Knox / December 28, 2020
Can You Get High From Hemp Feature

The whole world is buzzing about the Cannabis Sativa plant. You’ve heard the benefits, but you don’t want to get high to get them. So now you want to know: can you get high from hemp? People can not get high from eating hemp. Hemp and marijuana are from the same plant family, but they…

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Hemp Hearts: Macros and Micros

By Lydia Knox / December 23, 2020
Hemp Heart Macros and Micros Feature

Your favorite blogs are going on and on about macros and micros and you have no idea what it means. So what are hemp heart macros and micros? Hemp hearts macros and micros are a combination of essential nutrients. We all require a healthy balance of macronutrients which are carbohydrates, fats, and protein. Macros work…

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What is the Omega Ratio in Hemp Hearts?

By The Hummingbird / December 16, 2020
What is the Omega Ratio in Hemp Hearts

What is the omega ratio in hemp hearts? Hemp hearts contain an omega ratio of 3:1 or 3 parts Omega-6 to 1 part Omega-3. The ideal ratio of omegas is anywhere between 1:1 and 3:1. Consuming the right ratio of omegas is important to decrease inflammation, support cardiovascular health, digestion, skin, and relief from certain…

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What is a CrossFit Nutrition Challenge? (Bonus Menu Ideas!)

By Lydia Knox / December 3, 2020
What is a Crossfit Nutrition Challenge plus ideas

You started CrossFit and your coworker just finished a challenge and looks great. You’ve seen the results of the CrossFit challenge and now you want to join in or start your own. Well, keep reading for CrossFit nutrition challenge ideas. If you’ve never done a CrossFit challenge, don’t worry. You won’t have to ask your…

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How Hemp Can Help Reduce Acid Reflux

By Lydia Knox / November 30, 2020
How hemp can help reduce acid reflux

You’ve felt the pain of heartburn and are always looking for a way to reduce it. It’s time you ask: how can hemp help reduce acid reflux? Hemp reduces acid reflux through nutrients that fight acid in the stomach that cause pain. Hemp is naturally alkaline, low in carbs, and loaded with healthy fats. These…

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Are Hemp Hearts Gluten Free?

By Lydia Knox / November 30, 2020

If you’ve read about hemp hearts you know the benefits. You also know that hemp protein is a safe alternative for soy and dairy. But if you’re gluten sensitive and ready to snack away on hemp hearts there’s more you need to know. Are hemp hearts gluten free? Hemp hearts are gluten free. In fact,…

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How Does Hemp Protein Affect Testosterone Levels?

By The Hummingbird / November 24, 2020
How does hemp protein affect testosterone levels?

You may have heard rumors about hemp proteins impacting estrogen levels, but does hemp protein affect testosterone levels?  Testosterone levels are affected by hemp protein. Frequent consumption of hemp protein raises testosterone levels because hemp protein is high in zinc. Zinc is an essential mineral that helps produce testosterone. But did you know it’s ok…

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