What are the Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil in Toothpaste?

Shopping for new dental hygiene products, you’ve probably noticed toothpaste brands advertising their use of hemp seed oil. You may wonder, what are the benefits of hemp seed oil in toothpaste?

Hemp seed oil toothpaste supports healthy teeth and gums. As a toothpaste, it naturally whitens teeth, prevents tooth decay, and prevents gum disease. Hemp seed toothpaste has anti inflammatory properties and supports sensitive teeth and gums.

Imagine, having the whitest smile around with a more natural toothpaste. Less chemicals and better results!

You’d be surprised at what can happen when your toothbrush makes contact with your teeth. Assuming that you’ve also put hemp seed oil toothpaste on.

Don’t worry, Karen from accounting will totally notice your pearly whites. We Guarantee it!*

Luckily for you, I’m going to show you all the benefits of hemp seed oil for toothpaste. You’re going to love the results.

*Side note: We can’t actually guarantee that Karen will notice your shiny white teeth. However, we think you’ll like the results.

Why is Hemp Seed Oil Good for Your Dental Hygiene? 

Hemp seed oil is good for your teeth and gum health. When used in toothpaste, hemp oil will help to naturally prevent tooth decay, whiten teeth and prevent gum disease. Anti Inflammatory properties help support sensitive teeth and gums.

Support for sensitive teeth and gums

Anti inflammatory properties of hemp seed oil support sensitive teeth and gums. You may be experiencing pain from inflammation in your nerves. Fortunately, hemp seed oil contains gamma-linoleic acid (GLA). GLA reduces inflammation and decreases the likelihood of pain and sensitivity. 

Prevention of tooth decay

Dental cavities are caused by dental plaque and other bacteria found in your mouth. Hemp seed oil contains antibacterial and fungal properties to fight plaque and bacteria. Teeth can be strengthened by the restoration of eroded enamel. 

Prevention of gum disease

Bacteria buildup in the mouth can lead to tooth decay and disease, like gingivitis and gum disease. Hemp seed oil fights the buildup of plaque and defends against bacteria. This is particularly true if you’re at a higher risk of developing gum disease due to genetics. 

Whitens Teeth 

Hemp oil toothpaste can help whiten surface stains. Your teeth are restored from yellow to a brilliant white, especially when the toothpaste is hemp and coconut oil. 

Many of the hemp oil toothpastes provide a natural alternative for teeth whitening. Mainstream toothpaste brands may use artificial teeth whiteners. 



Does Hemp Seed Oil Toothpaste Contain CBD?

Contrary to popular belief, hemp seed oil toothpaste does not contain CBD. This confusion usually arises because people confuse CBD oil-sometimes referred to as hemp oil-with hemp seed oil.  While they do have similar benefits, such as anti inflammatory properties, they are not the same thing. 

CBD oil is generally extracted from the stalks, stems and flower of hemp plants. While it’s not psychoactive, it has properties that can make the user tired and less anxious. CBD oil can be processed to include only certain cannabinoids for specific issues. Alternatively, it can contain the full spectrum from the plant for a more holistic use. 

Hemp seed oil on the other hand, is extracted from hemp seeds instead of the plant itself. The seeds have not yet developed the active cannabinoids that they get when they begin to grow into plants. Instead, hemp seed oil contains a variety of important fats and omega fatty acids. Hemp seed oil is often used as a dietary supplement or in products, like toothpaste!

Will Hemp Seed Oil Toothpaste Make Me Fail a Drug Test?

Like CBD, Hemp seed oil toothpaste contains less than 0.3% THC. THC is the component of marijuana which makes you fail a drug test and gives you a “high” feeling. Therefore, using hemp products, like hemp toothpaste, will not make you fail a drug test. 


Failing a drug test is a common concern amongst individuals. However, you have nothing to fear when using a hemp seed oil toothpaste

Legally, hemp products in the US cannot contain more than 0.3% THC. 0.3% is nowhere near enough to cause psychoactive effects or show up on a drug test. Therefore, any hemp product legally sold by a reputable vendor is safe to use. 

Are There Other Products Made From Hemp Seed? 

Toothpaste is just one of many products that utilize the benefits of hemp seed. Hemp is a versatile product which is used in a wide range of products. Humming Hemp offers many consumable products like oil, protein powder, bars, and hearts!

Some of our products include:

  • Hemp Seed Oil: You can get the oil itself and use it as a finishing oil. Primarily used for salads, breads, and other drizzling. You can even make your own hemp seed oil toothpaste yourself!
  • Hemp Hearts: Hemp hearts are a popular cooking ingredient with a slightly nutty flavor. Some people like to sprinkle them on their salad. 
  • Hemp Protein Bars: These delectable bars are a great source of protein if you’re planning a workout or trying to balance your diet. They come in flavors ranging from almond and chocolate to honey and cinnamon.
  • Hemp Pure Protein Powder: A natural source of protein and a good substitute for common whey protein powders. 

Understanding the Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil in Toothpaste

As you can see, there are many benefits of hemp seed oil for toothpaste. I think most of us would enjoy hemp oil as a natural substitute to mainstream toothpastes. Other benefits of hemp seed oil toothpaste include:

  • Anti Inflammatory properties for sensitive teeth and gums
  • Prevention of tooth decay and cavities
  • Prevention of gum diseases, like gingivitis and gum disease
  • Teeth whitening, especially when hemp and coconut oil is combined

Hemp oil does not contain CBD or THC. THC is the active psychedelic ingredient in marijuana that makes you fail a drug test and get “high.” Hemp products contain less than 0.3% THC, so you don’t have to worry about failing a drug test.

At Humming Hemp we’ve got everything you’ll need to start discovering hemp. There are plenty of amazing hemp based products like protein bars, protein powder, and hemp hearts. We’re confident that once you switch to hemp based products you’ll never want to switch back! 

Say hello to Karen for us!



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