Is Pumpkin Keto-Friendly? Carbs in Pumpkin for Weight Loss

You love pumpkin spice, but you just started keto. The good news is you won’t have to give it up completely because pumpkin is keto-friendly. Now all you need is some pumpkin keto-friendly ideas.

Pumpkin is keto-friendly because it’s a low carb fruit. There are 8g of carbs in a cup of pumpkin making it safe to eat on the keto diet. All you need to do is watch how much you eat in one portion. 

Pumpkins are beneficial because they’re an antioxidant that’s high in vitamin A and fiber. These attributes make pumpkins great for any diet because they help with weight loss. 

Keep reading to learn why pumpkins are good for both weight loss and the keto diet. In the end, we’ll go over some pumpkin recipes you can incorporate into your keto diet today. 

Is Pumpkin Keto-Friendly?

Pumpkin is a keto-friendly winter squash. Pumpkin is lower in carbs than other similar fruits and vegetables making it a great choice for the low carb diet. Eating pumpkin can also help you keep your blood sugar level helping you stay in ketosis.

The keto diet is designed around the idea of ketosis. Ketosis is a state that focuses your body on burning fat instead of carbs. To reach ketosis, you have to take in very few carbs and eat mostly fat and protein. 

Since all fruits and vegetables are technically carbs, it can be challenging to determine what fruit to eat while on keto

However, if you choose your fruits and vegetables based on fiber you’re off to a great start. On a low-carb diet foods with fiber are the best to incorporate.

Fiber keeps your body from triggering an insulin response that could prevent ketosis. So the fiber in pumpkin is what makes it a keto-friendly option. 

Some fruits have more carbs than others and may not be as popular for the keto diet. In moderation, a fruit that is full of antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber is perfect for the keto diet. 



Is Pumpkin High in Carbs?

Pumpkin is considered low in carbs. The fruit has a good amount of fiber which makes the net carbs low. To calculate the net carbs in pumpkin, subtract the amount of fiber from the total amount of carbs. 

Fiber doesn’t count in the same way other carbs do because of the way it is processed in the body. While other carbs get in the way of ketosis, fiber helps you get there. 

Much of the pumpkin’s carb count is due to the fiber it contains. Of the few carbs in pumpkin, the benefits outweigh the number of carbs. Since you have so little room for carbs in the keto diet it’s important to choose them wisely. 

Choose carbs that will add just as many nutrients as carbs into your diet. Pumpkin delivers vitamin A, manganese, and vitamin C with every carb. 

One cup of pureed pumpkin is:

  •  .2g of fat
  • 12g total carbs
  • 1.8g of protein 

Pumpkin is very similar to hemp, while hemp is low in carbs, the carbs it does have are made up of fiber. 

How Many Carbs are in Canned Pumpkin?

Libby’s 100% pure pumpkin contains 10g of carbs, as do most canned pumpkin varieties. The number of carbs varies depending on how much added sugar is in each can. 

Choosing fresh pumpkin or organic canned pumpkin is the best choice for lower carb count. When you check the label of canned pumpkin you will find that it only contains pumpkin. 

Since pumpkin spice is so popular be careful not to mistake other mixes for organic pumpkin. Pre-mixed cakes and other baking recipes contain more sugar than fresh or organic canned pumpkin. 

Is Pumpkin Good for Weight Loss?

Pumpkin is great for weight loss. The winter squash has fiber which curbs hunger and makes you feel fuller longer. Whether you’re on keto or another diet if you are trying to lose weight, pumpkin is great post-workout. 

Pumpkin is a low-calorie food which means you can eat more of it and feel fuller. Fiber also helps you feel full while helping with digestion. 

Digestion is important for weight loss because not being able to eliminate waste can slow down your metabolic rate. To get your metabolism going and help you burn calories faster you need the fiber in pumpkin. 

Through digestion, you get nutrients from your food. Pumpkin is nutrient-dense and absorbing the macros and micros inside is essential for weight loss. 

In fact, pumpkin is beneficial for your body in more ways than one:

  • Good for diabetics
  • High in vitamin a
  • Contains fiber 
  • Lots of vitamins and minerals including potassium, vitamin C, iron, and B2 
  • High in antioxidants
  • Boost immunity
  • Helps with eyesight 
  • Heart health 
  • Healthy skin 

Because pumpkin is full of potassium it’s also a great post-workout food. You won’t put back on the calories you worked off, but you will help recover your muscles.   

You can see why hemp and pumpkin go hand and hand. Both hemp and pumpkin offer a lot of nutrients with low carbs that help you lose weight and help with muscle recovery. Hemp protein and pumpkin are a strong workout duo. 

How to Eat Pumpkin on a Keto Diet

To eat pumpkin on a keto diet, incorporate it into high protein dishes. Pumpkin is a versatile fruit that works well in sweet or savory dishes. Be sure that when you eat pumpkin you are careful not to overindulge in sweet pumpkin desserts. 

If you are trying to steer clear of desserts and opt for more healthy recipes, try soup or fall vegetable stir-fries. 

You can add canned pumpkin to any of your favorite recipes including pancakes or oatmeal. For a keto pumpkin spice latte, add pumpkin puree to unsweetened almond milk. To really boost the nutrition in your coffee add hemp oil for healthy fat. 

Because of pumpkin’s flavor profile, you’ll be tempted to load it up with sugar. However, you can find sweet treats that don’t contain too much sugar. Follow keto-friendly recipes and you’ll be surprised at the options you have. 



Keto-friendly pumpkin pie, recipes do exist. 

If you are on the go or looking for healthy snack options adding pumpkin to fat bomb recipes can also help you feel like you are indulging in dessert. 

For more keto pumpkin recipes try:

Don’t forget that pumpkin pairs well with the nutty flavor of hemp. Pumpkin seeds and hemp seeds come together in the Humming Hemp pumpkin seed & spice humming bars

Adding pumpkin into your diet this way will ensure you are able to get all of the nutritional benefits of pumpkin seeds and hemp seeds. After all, hemp is keto-friendly.

Summary: Pumpkin and Keto Diet 

Keto pumpkin spice does exist. Pumpkin is keto-friendly so you can feel free to add it to your diet plan. By choosing the right recipes you can use pumpkin to your advantage. 

The low carb fruit will help you lose weight and add more vitamin A into your diet. What makes pumpkin and the keto diet work so well together is the amount of fiber found in pumpkin. 

You need more fiber in a low carb diet and pumpkin delivers. The extra fiber will help with digestion and help you stay full longer. To add pumpkin into your diet mix canned pumpkin into your favorite dishes.

You can add pumpkin puree to pancakes, oatmeal, and even almond milk to make the perfect pumpkin spice latte. Pumpkin is versatile, though, so you don’t only have to eat sweets. Try pumpkin in soups, stir fry’s, and hummus for a savory fall bite. 

When all else fails and you want a fast bite that contains all the protein, essential fatty acids, and vitamins you need, choose a protein bar. 

Pick up your Humming Hemp Pumpkin & Seed Humming Bar to combine the tasty flavor and nutrition of pumpkin seeds and hemp seeds. 


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