What are the benefits of adding hemp protein to coffee?

What are the benefits of adding hemp protein to coffee?

Coffee with hemp protein provides a nutritious, yet caffeinated beverage. Hemp protein will help suppress your appetite, helping with weight loss. Adding hemp to coffee follows the ketogenic diet while providing a clean source of energy and protein to your morning routine.

Imagine, having enough energy and fullness to make it to lunch, without breakfast. I mean, who has time to cook so early anyways?

I certainly don’t!

Luckily for you, I’m going to show you the benefits of adding hemp protein to coffee. You’ll be energized and be full enough to say no to the doughnuts your colleagues brought in. Just imagine all the calories you’ll save by avoiding that tasty pastry.

What are the benefits of hemp protein in coffee?

The primary benefit of adding hemp protein to coffee is the protein addition. Your body needs protein for building muscle and helps keep your body feeling fuller. Therefore, adding hemp protein to your coffee can help you build muscle and lose weight.

The first thing you need to understand is the health benefits of both coffee and protein by themselves. Studies have shown that people who eat more protein in general experience greater overall success in losing weight and keeping it off. Additionally, ingesting more protein:

Helps keep your blood glucose steady and make insulin secretion more even, which suppresses your hunger. Overall this will lead to better portion control, greater weight loss, and better insulin sensitivity. This is especially important for people with diabetes.

  • Protein is the building block of muscle, and it’s critically important for people doing any kind of athletic work. So whether you do yoga, jog around your block, or compete in Crossfit competitions, you need protein to rebuild and strengthen your muscles. 
  • Adding more protein to your diet improves cardiovascular health as well by lowering blood pressure.  This is particularly beneficial for people who are overweight.

Coffee has a long list of health benefits as well, including: 

  • Coffee itself is full of antioxidants, and even with the caffeine content (or perhaps because of it), it’s good for cardiovascular health.
  • The phytochemicals in coffee are anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant. Since oxidation and inflammation drive metabolic disease, coffee is an effective way to fight both.
  • Your liver gets a protective boost when you consume coffee regularly.

So if these things are great alone, are there specific benefits to combining hemp protein powder and coffee? Turns out, there are: 

  • Coffee - especially when consumed in the morning - raises cortisol levels, particularly when consumed on an empty stomach. Mixing in hemp protein powder helps blunt the rise in cortisol, giving you the benefits of coffee without the downsides.
  • Additionally, coffee can reduce your body’s ability to absorb iron. Protein powder not only reduces this effect in general, but it’s full of iron as well.

How should you add hemp protein to coffee?

The easiest and most accessible form of hemp protein is a powder, which is both highly mixable and bioavailable. The simplest mixing tech is a blender bottle - you can find them virtually anywhere but they’re essentially a plastic shaker cup with a wire ball inside. This helps agitate the protein powder and mix it thoroughly with the coffee.

A small bullet blender is good as well - these allow you to add whatever other desirable mix-ins you want; ice, chocolate, and so forth. They’re also more capable of making better emulsification so the protein doesn’t separate from the coffee.

You can also use a milk frother for mixing beverages. A milk frother is a small whisk which works perfectly for mixing powdered drinks.

Can you put hemp protein in hot coffee?

You can put hemp protein powder into hot coffee - there’s nothing that will affect the benefits of either the protein powder or the coffee.



One thing to consider, however, is you shouldn’t use the blender cups with extremely hot coffee - let it cool a bit. Certain types of blender devices will have problems with hot liquids, so add ice or otherwise cool the mixture down first.

Additionally, highly acidic coffee can make it harder for the protein to mix. You can cut down on the acidity (and bitterness) of your coffee by adding a tsp of salt to the granules before brewing.

Does protein get destroyed by the heat? 

The average temperature of coffee will not destroy hemp protein. Yes, high heat can destroy protein, but not at the temperature for making coffee. 

Can you put hemp protein in iced coffee?

You can easily add hemp protein powder to iced coffee, especially if you’re using a blender. You can make an iced coffee shake by blending hemp protein powder with your favorite flavors and coffee. This is a great time to add in cocoa powder, flavored extracts, and ice.



Can you put hemp seeds in coffee?

While you could add hemp seeds to coffee, you’d need to blend it very well. The seeds themselves can be very difficult to grind fine enough to drink. 

Hemp hearts (shelled hemp seeds) are soft, blend well and would be a fine addition. In most cases however, hemp protein powder is an easy way to go.

Can you put hemp oil in coffee?

Hemp oil mixed into coffee is a great way to add fat and the nutrition of hemp to your diet. You’ll want a powerful blender to fully emulsify the fat in the oil into your coffee. Though hemp oil doesn’t have the protein that powder does, the oil itself has a myriad of health benefits:

  • Hemp oil is rich in linoleic acid and L-arginine, both of which have a positive effect on blood pressure by dilating blood vessels.
  • Some studies indicate that linoleic and linolenic acid have further positive effects on cholesterol levels. This could also be beneficial for those at risk of atherosclerosis. 

So while you’re missing the protein with hemp oil, there are other health benefits to be gained by using it in your coffee.



Why hemp protein is better than whey protein

There are multiple levels upon which hemp protein is superior to whey. While whey is considered the gold standard in protein powder, it’s not without its downsides.

  • Whey is made from animal products, particularly dairy from cows. Cows take considerable land and carbon investment to grow, so whey has a much larger environmental impact than hemp. Additionally, hemp is useful for many applications beyond nutrition, making it a much more effective use of land and resources.
  • Additionally, while whey is very digestible and accessible, it’s still dairy-derived. This means it can be difficult for some people to digest, particularly those with lactose intolerance. Hemp is extremely digestible by nearly everyone.
  • To produce whey powder, hexane needs to be added during the separation process to fully extract the protein. Hemp is simply powdered, de-fatted hemp cake - no additional solvents or additives are necessary to make it useful.
  • One of the biggest reasons to choose whey over vegetarian sources of protein is that whey is considered complete. This means it has all of the essential amino acids required for human life. Hemp, unlike the vast majority of vegetarian protein powders, is a complete protein.

What else can you put hemp protein powder in?

Hemp protein powder can be added to just about any food or drink. It has a fairly neutral nutty flavor, making it an ideal mix-in to boost protein macros. Mixed into thick soups, it will largely go unnoticed and toasted hemp seeds are a great, crunchy addition to salads.

Can you put hemp in smoothies?

You can add hemp protein to smoothies since it blends exceptionally well and is extremely bioavailable. With its neutral taste, hemp protein is a great addition to smoothies to boost their protein profile.

You can mix chia, hemp, and your favorite flavors with some nut milk to make a healthy vegan pudding. When sweetened with stevia or monk fruit, it’s also incredibly calorie-light and guilt-free. All you need to do is lightly blend them and leave them overnight in the fridge.

Does hemp protein have CBD? 

Nutritive hemp and medicinal hemp are two different plants. Though all hemp will have some THC, the amount in hemp protein, seeds, or oils for consumption is extremely low. 

You would need to eat roughly 300g of hemp seeds a day to test THC-positive on a urine test. For a similar result with hemp oil, you’d need to consume 125ml per day! Frankly, if you did drink that much hemp oil per day, you’d probably not be able to keep it down long enough to take a drug test.

So no, if you’re taking hemp protein powder, seeds, or oil daily and in moderate amounts, you will not fail a drug screen.



Should you mix hemp protein with coffee?

The short answer is yes - you definitely should mix hemp protein with your coffee!

The long answer is the same as well: hemp protein is beneficial for muscle strength and development. It also improves cardiac health by lowering blood pressure, improving blood sugar, and insulin sensitivity. Coffee also has very similar effects, and when combined, the two enhance each other, providing nutrition, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Hemp powder is a complete protein that also provides omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in the perfect ratio. Hemp also provides magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, and other micronutrients. 

Mixing the two is easy and provides a nutritious meal on the go, especially for breakfast.

If you’ve never considered mixing protein powder in your coffee, now would be the perfect time to get our highly mixable hemp products and see how this simple morning routine can supercharge your day and your health.


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