Benefits of Hemp Protein Powder in Yogurt

Gym goers are constantly shaking their blender bottles and consuming protein shakes. Wouldn’t it be nice to consume beneficial protein by eating yogurt instead? So, what are the benefits of hemp protein powder in yogurt?

Hemp protein powder gives yogurt a new flavor and more nutritional value. Achieving high protein requirements is easy with yogurt and hemp. Hemp protein makes an afternoon snack a muscle recovering, energy-boosting treat. 

Protein shakes are nice, but sometimes you just need variety.

If you were unsure, know that you can add hemp protein powder to your yogurt. If you want to know how to mix protein powder into yogurt, keep reading.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of greek, low-fat, or homemade yogurt. You’ll see why yogurt and hemp protein powder go hand and hand. 

Can I Mix Hemp Protein Powder in Yogurt?

You can mix hemp protein powder in yogurt. In fact, you can mix it into different kinds of yogurt for different benefits. 

Greek yogurt is great for bodybuilders looking for a major increase in protein intake. For homemade greek yogurt, you can add hemp protein to the recipe for more nutrition. 

Mixing hemp protein powder into any type of yogurt can be beneficial for anyone. Try mixing different flavored yogurt with different amounts of protein to make new flavors and textures. 

Can I Add Protein Powder to Homemade Yogurt?

You can add protein powder to homemade yogurt when you make your recipe or after. Use it when you create your yogurt to increase the amount of protein in the final product. 

Adding protein powder directly to ready made yogurt will change the texture and taste. However, adding it to your recipe will give you greater control of the final product.

Another option, for homemade yogurt, is to add the protein powder as a mix in when you’re ready to eat your yogurt. This option gives you more freedom over the amount of protein you need at any given time. After all, you may want different amounts of protein before and after a workout.

No matter what you choose you can have a snack that is tailored to your nutritional needs and tastes. 

Here is one way to make homemade greek yogurt. You’ll need whole milk and full-fat greek yogurt as a starter.

Can You Put Greek Yogurt in a Protein Shake?

You can put greek yogurt in a protein shake to give it a major protein boost. This is important if you are looking for serious gains. We already know that hemp protein powder is great for bodybuilding, but greek yogurt adds a new twist. 

Using greek yogurt in a protein shake can give you up to 60+ grams of protein. If you are looking to add this to a bodybuilding regimen adding greek yogurt to your protein shake will help. 

The idea is to get as many nutrients in one place without overfilling yourself. Greek yogurt and protein powder are for those who need a serious protein boost. 

But if you are looking for health benefits for your daily workout the combination can work for you as well. Just use a little less protein at a time and watch what hemp protein does for the body



What are the Benefits of Hemp Protein Powder in Yogurt?

The benefit of adding hemp protein powder to yogurt is more flavor, protein, and vitamins. When you combine hemp protein powder and yogurt you get nutrients that work together to build strong muscles.

For example, yogurt already contains probiotics, and hemp protein powder adds plant based protein with essential amino acids. The combination of macro and micronutrients work hard for you to help with muscle repair and weight loss.

Some of the nutrients in yogurt are:

  • Protein
  • B12
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus 
  • Riboflavin 
  • Probiotics

Depending on the brand of yogurt you use the nutritional value may change. These are general ideas that are found in most types of yogurt. 

Hemp protein powder contains:

  • Protein
  • Calcium
  • Iron 
  • Potassium
  • Zinc
  • Fiber

These nutrients work together to support each other. What yogurt doesn’t have, hemp protein powder makes up for and vice versa. 

The main reason to add protein to yogurt is to increase the amount of protein you’re getting at one time. The benefit of mixing yogurt and hemp protein is a filling and healthy snack without consuming a ton of food. 

Whey protein can be difficult to digest so hemp protein powder provides an alternative. The whey in greek yogurt is more digestible than whey protein powder because of probiotics. So, if you add hemp protein to your greek yogurt no need to choose between whey versus hemp

You can have your plant-based protein and your whey too. Get all the protein and carbs you need in a snack. Combine hemp and yogurt to get the benefit of carbs for workout recovery with fiber and probiotics for digestion. 

Protein and Carbs

Consuming the proper amount of carbs after a workout is essential. The right post-workout formula will have the right balance of carbs and protein. The balance signals your body to absorb protein and begin healing any muscle tears. Your muscles will be prepared to fuel your next workout. 

After a workout, your body wants to rebuild glycogen and protein. This means it needs easily digested foods so you can absorb nutrients faster. 

Hemp protein powder and yogurt give you a good balance of protein, fat, and carbs. A scoop of protein in your yogurt is easier than creating an entire meal if you are on the go. 

Fiber and Probiotics 

Another popular reason for adding hemp protein to yogurt is for digestion. Both fiber and probiotics are key in helping you have a healthy digestive system. 

Probiotics are bacteria that work to heal the gut. Fiber decreases your chance of constipation. So together they work to get your digestive system working.

Absorption of the protein found in hemp protein powder and yogurt is key. Fiber aids in absorption by slowing down digestion, which is great for recovery.  

However, you may want to absorb amino acids in protein powder quicker to aid in digestion. This is what makes the combination of yogurt and fiber key. The properties in yogurt will help you absorb protein quickly for a pre-workout snack as well. 

Essentially, the combination of yogurt and hemp protein powder becomes a great boost pre or post-workout. It’s hard to find a combination of ingredients that will give you all the protein and amino acids you need.



How Do You Add Protein Powder to Yogurt?

Add protein powder to your yogurt by simply adding a scoop to your yogurt cup. First, create a well in the middle of the yogurt. Then, add protein powder to the middle and slowly stir until it’s mixed. 

You can also get more creative with your ingredients.

  • Add protein powder to a bowl and whisk the ingredients together with add-ins
  • Put in a blender to make a perfectly smooth yogurt
  • Freeze blended hemp protein and yogurt into yogurt pops

With these options, you can always add in fruit or nuts to give your snack a more flavorful nutritional boost.  

Is Hemp Protein Powder Good in Yogurt?

Hemp protein powder is good in yogurt. When adding protein, you’re in complete control over the flavor. 

You can get all the nutty natural taste of hemp seeds in your yogurt. You can also focus on the flavors of your favorite yogurt. The choice is up to you. The balance of flavors will depend on the type of yogurt and how much hemp powder you add. 

Plain low fat or greek yogurt will work the best for keeping your sugar and carb intake low. Plain yogurt will also give you the greatest control over the flavor after you add in hemp protein. 

Summary: Hemp Protein and Yogurt

As you can see yogurt and hemp protein powder are a match made in heaven. Both provide you with nutritional value that benefit your muscles and digestive system. 

The combination of fiber, protein, and probiotics does more for you post-workout than most snacks. If you’re not ready to give up your post-workout shake, no worries, you can make one with hemp protein and greek yogurt.

As you read, you can even make yogurt pops with hemp protein powder. Mixing protein powder in homemade or greek yogurt gives you quick snack options. If you’re a bodybuilder looking for serious muscle gains,  mixing hemp and yogurt can also be a full meal replacement. 

No matter how you choose to mix hemp protein powder with yogurt, it tastes great. So share your experience and recipe ideas with us #humminghemp. 

Until then, be sure to pick up your bag of hemp protein powder online or in a store near you to start reaping the benefits. 


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