maddest-monday breakfast

happy monday, friends! at Humming Hemp we have been enjoying all the madness of #marchmadness!

with over 1,000 ways to eat hemp hearts, this month we are featuring another one of our founder’s favorites - and its the perfect breakfast for any monday!

max schneider is the COO of Humming Hemp and loves serving you by bringing nothing but the freshest, domestically grown hemp products to your door.  max is a fun-loving guy who likes staying healthy to enjoy his family+hobbies — March Madness is one of his favorites!  he and his wife, jessica, a functional trained physician, know how important diet plays in a healthy mind, body, and spirit and that is why they brought hemp into their kitchen- great protein and fatty acids along with an easy, kid approved nutrition source for their children, edwin and alexandria.

max’s favorite way to eat hemp hearts is sprinkled on his breakfast and the recipe couldn’t be simpler!

max’s hemp-y brekkie:

2 eggs - cooked your favorite way



humming hemp hearts

optional: your other breakfast fav’s - potatoes, oatmeal, black beans, sauerkraut, etc.

cook your eggs + plate them.  add fresh sliced avocado, a splash of salsa, a spoonful of sauerkraut (healthy happy gut food), and whatever else your healthy, hemp-y heart desires-then give a good sprinkle of delicious Humming Hemp hearts all. over. your. plate to add essential protein+fatty acids, and a nutty, yummy flavor to your meal.

take a picture of your hemp-y brekkie and tag us at #humminghemp #humoften


wishing you love and health!

from our heart for yours, -sierra m.