Hemp Hearts Benefits You Deserve

Hemp Hearts: The Pantry Staple You Deserve

Did you know that you deserve the benefits of hemp hearts?  Seriously, you do! Let’s break down all the reasons why in this blog post.

Hemp Hearts, What? 

Hemp hearts are the soft, chewy and highly nutritious goodness found inside the shell of a hemp seed (think of the sunflower seed inside the hard-sunflower shell). They have a subtle earthy profile with a pleasant “nutty” flavor. It’s as if a pine nut and sunflower seed had an overachieving SUPER baby. This heart-seed can be consumed raw, cooked or roasted, has a super long shelf-life, and is just straight up delicious! And you deserve them!

There are TONS of amazing benefits and uses for hemp hearts:  eat them straight from the bag or add them to your favorite recipes; they are super convenient to use and pack a big nutritional bang - a superfood for sure… but today-  we wanted to share a handful of facts you may not already know and prove that hemp will keep you humming…and you deserve to hum often!

Did you know Hemp Hearts Reduce Joint or Chronic Pain?

These hearts contain a cool (and crazy rare) ingredient called Gamma Linolenic Acid, an omega-6 fatty substance found in various plant seed oils. It’s great for reducing inflammation in the body – which is the main desire for those who have arthritis or any chronic pain from inflammation. Hemp Hearts are one of the best ways to get your Gamma Linolenic Acid (the yummiest way for sure!).

Did you know Hemp Hearts Are a Complete Source of Protein?

These little hearts have more protein per ounce than chicken!  Hemp Hearts are a complete protein source, which means that they contain the nine essential amino acids the human body cannot produce, and thus must be obtained through diet. So, if meat’s not your bag, a bag of hemp hearts will have you covered!

Did you know Hemp Hearts for More Energy and Less Anxiety?

Hemp hearts have very high levels of magnesium, amino acids, and  B Vitamins, which are natural remedies for stress and can provide our body a little energy boost. A way better way to perk up than stimulants or additives like caffeine, sugars, saturated fats, and fillers. So, keep a bag of hemp hearts on your desk to munch on during deadline crunch time.

Did you know Hemp Hearts can be for That Time of the Month — (For the Ladies)? - really!-

Properties in Hemp Hearts can naturally balance hormones and the symptoms of PMS! Caused by an imbalance of the hormone prolactin, PMS can be kept at bay by the rare and hard to find Gamma-Linolenic Acid (that crazy rare ingredient from our first point!) found in Hemp Hearts. You don’t have time for PMS, but you do have time for a spoonful of hemp hearts!

Did you know Hemp Hearts Help Your Heart?

Hemp hearts contain high amounts of the amino acid arginine, which is used to produce nitric oxide in the body.  Nitric oxide is a gas molecule that makes the blood vessels dilate and relax, leading to lowered blood pressure.  Increased arginine intake has shown decreased levels of C-reactive protein (CRP), which is an inflammatory marker linked to heart disease. Keep your heart humming with Hemp Hearts!

And lastly, did you know Hemp Hearts have Beauty Benefits?

Hemp hearts contain high amounts of Omega fatty acids, which help with healthy cell growth, essential for smooth, soft skin. There is even research that has shown hemp hearts aid in the symptoms of eczema! You’ll be feeling real foxy with hemp hearts in your diet.

BONUS: Hemp hearts are crazy easy to add to your daily recipes and routines, and they taste DELICIOUS. Mix it, sprinkle it, blend it, bake it, or just eat straight from the bag. Go ahead, go nuts!

Snag your bag of Humming Hemp hemp hearts today at your local GNC, Safeway, Albertsons.

We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Hum Often!