heart-y hemp pancakes


there is one day left of love month -february- and what a month it’s been.  humming hemp hearts rolled out onto Washington Safeway and Albertsons store shelves and Amazon.com and immediately sold out in some locations!!  never fear - we will keep you well stocked with these delicious-tiny but mighty-delights…  a good thing too since we are kicking off a blog series featuring our founder’s favorite recipes-starting this month with yours truly- and you will want to try them all!

february is definitely one of the best months of the year.  it’s full of glitter+shimmer, pink+red, hearts+kindness that lighten the drear that january can bring.  it’s a month to love on others and love on yourself.  it’s short+sweet — and today i’m sharing one short+sweet way to upgrade breakfast and love on yourself + your family with our humming hemp hearts:


heart-y hemp pancakes

*basic hack: add hemp hearts to your favorite pancake mix for extra protein+healthy fats*


serves 2

1 cup of your favorite pancake mix - i used pamela’s gluten free

1/4 cup humming hemp hearts

1 eggs

1-2 tbsp coconut oil

water if needed

heart shaped cookie cutter - optional


optional toppings:

1-2 c. heavy whipping cream

or make coconut whipped cream using

1 can coconut milk - refrigerated

splash of vanilla

maple syrup

strawberries- fresh, frozen or freeze-dried - i used freeze-dried



if using coconut milk - place in refrigerator the night before to solidify the coconut cream.

add pancake mix to a mixing bowl.  add eggs+oil.  if using coconut whipped cream - open the can and scoop coconut cream off the top and into another mixing bowl - place in fridge until ready to whip.  add the liquid coconut milk to the pancake mix, eggs+oil, and stir altogether adding water, if needed, til desired consistency.  add hemp hearts and, if desired, a handful of chopped strawberries - gently stir together.  cook pancakes in a preheated, lightly oiled pan. cut out pancake hearts using the cookie cutter.  stack and top with whipped cream or coconut cream, strawberries, maple syrup, and a lil sprinkle of humming hemp hearts.

to make coconut whipped cream or dairy whipped cream:

in a mixing bowl, whip cream of choice with vanilla and a splash of maple syrup til soft peaks form. refrigerate any extra as soon as possible.


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wishing you love and health!


from our heart for yours, sierra m.