How Do You Use Hemp Oil to Strengthen and Repair Nails?

You found out there’s not a lot of evidence behind the idea supplements help give you strong nails. Sadly, if you’re like me you haven’t been able to get to the nail salon. So you’ve probably been wondering, how do you use hemp oil to strengthen and repair nails?

Hemp oil can be used to strengthen and repair nails in two ways, internally or externally. The first way is to add hemp oil to a topical daily nail care regimen. The second is to include hemp oil in a diet plan. 

Hemp is a superfood loaded with vitamins. The best way to get strong nails is from the nutrients in food. These vitamins and minerals help eliminate deficiencies that cause brittle nails. 

In this article, learn why massaging hemp seed oil into your nails smooths ridges. If smooth nails aren’t enough, learn how the magnesium and carotene in hemp oil eliminate yellowing and white spots. 

The best part about using hemp oil is it’s easy to do. You can try it at home for less than the cost of a manicure. I promise, you won’t miss going to the nail salon after all! 

How Do You Use Hemp Oil to Strengthen and Repair Nails?

Add hemp oil to your daily regimen as a moisturizer to strengthen and repair nails. Massage hemp oil into your hands. Focus on the cuticles and nail beds for deep moisturizing treatments. 

To repair damage also use hemp oil daily as a supplement. Research from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) listed the safety concerns of nail supplements in retail stores. The truth about supplements is there’s no proof for the health claims. 

The fact is the best option for nail strength comes from all-natural vitamins and minerals through a healthy diet. 

Omega fatty acids and protein are two of the important nutrients for nail health. While they’re not always found in nail supplements both can be found in certain Humming Hemp products. 

You can use hemp oil as a moisturizer to strengthen and repair nails. However to double your chances of growth take a spoonful of hemp oil daily in place of a nail supplement. If you need more protein you also have the option of eating hemp hearts or hemp protein powder.

How to Use Hemp Oil Topically  

The best way to heal cuticles that have cracked from dryness is to place hemp oil directly on the nail. When you use hemp oil it provides moisture and repairs damage. Massaging hemp oil into your nails is the fastest way to use it. 

Take these steps to create a nightly routine:

  1. Wash and dry nails.
  2. Clip and file away any rough edges. 
  3. Massage hemp oil into nail beds.
  4. Once a month add hemp oil to hands and feet and wear gloves or socks to bed for a deep treatment overnight. 

Creating a regimen of placing hemp oil directly on your skin is one way to strengthen and repair nails. As you know, you can ingest hemp oil as well. What you may not know is that you can get more creative than a simple spoonful each day.  



How to use Hemp Oil Internally 

To use hemp oil internally take it in place of a supplement or add it to food. Here are some ways to take hemp oil daily:

  • Take a spoonful of hemp oil every day
  • Add hemp oil to coffee every morning
  • Try a hemp oil immune-boosting shot
  • Take hemp oil at night to calm inflammation
  • Drizzle hemp oil dressing onto a salad at lunchtime
  • Cook hemp oil into recipes like soup for dinner 

Find out how to use hemp oil in food by checking out our recipes. If you have any interesting ways to add hemp oil to your diet share them with us at #humminghemp.

Can I Use Hemp Oil Daily?

Hemp oil is safe to use daily. The light oil won’t clog pores when used as a moisturizer. Since hemp oil is antifungal and antibacterial, it will keep nails clean. 

Since hemp oil is all-natural it’s also safe to take every day as a supplement. It contains no additives or artificial ingredients. The cold-pressed oil is plant-based, so it will fit into most diets. The versatility makes it easy to find ways to use hemp oil.

Not only can you use hemp oil every day you can find fun and new ways to change it up. Start with something simple and then try something new each day.

Can You leave Hemp Oil on Your Nails?

Hemp oil can be left on your nails as long as needed. If hemp oil is used as a moisturizer there’s no need to rinse it off.

Simply massage hemp oil into your skin and continue with the rest of your routine. To use hemp oil as a deep moisturizer on your nails add a generous amount to your hands and feet.

After massaging the oil in, place gloves and socks on your hands and feet. Leave hemp oil on overnight and continue your morning routine as usual. An overnight soak will result in stronger nails and soft hands and feet. 

Is Hemp Oil Good for Nails?

Hemp oil is good for nails because it contains the essential vitamins and nutrients needed for healthy nail growth. Hemp oil strengthens and repairs nails from the inside. The vitamins in hemp oil provide essential minerals that you can’t get anywhere else but from food.

The essential fatty acids in hemp oil help your nails create biotin and collagen to grow and heal cuticles. These traits in hemp oil also help you prevent vitamin deficiencies that show up on the nails and skin. 

  • Vitamin A deficiency causes yellowing of the nails.
  • A magnesium deficiency causes ridges in the nail.
  • Lack of zinc causes white spots.

Hemp oil helps with nutrition to fight nail disease with magnesium, carotene, and zinc. The carotene in hemp oil converts into vitamin A. While omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation and moisturizes. 

Adding hemp oil directly to the nail will help smooth the ridges caused by magnesium deficiency. Taking hemp oil as a daily supplement will help prevent ridges from forming in your nail in the first place.

The importance of magnesium is often overlooked for calcium. Calcium is important for nail growth, but magnesium helps you create protein to grow nails. 

The beauty is when you use hemp oil you don’t have to choose one vitamin over the other. You get the benefit of calcium which builds strong nails as well.

Hemp oil is a highly beneficial product that contains more all-natural nutrients in one spoonful than most nail supplements. Plus you have the added benefit of using the fatty acids in hemp oil topically. Massaging the oil directly on your skin and nails helps you absorb the beneficial nutrients faster.

How Does Hemp Oil Benefit Nails?

Hemp oil benefits nails by moisturizing, repairing, and healing damaged cuticles. Hemp oil does this by infusing the entire nail with vitamins. The light oil can be absorbed by the skin making it easier for nutrients to fill in cracks. 

Some of the nutrients in hemp oil are:

  • Calcium
  • Carotene
  • Magnesium 
  • Vitamin E 
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Zinc 

Each vitamin inside hemp oil helps with nail growth and strength. Hemp oil is good for overall health as well. The nutrients even have benefits for your hair and skin. Luckily, when using hemp oil you don’t have to choose just one benefit.



Summary: Hemp Oil to Strengthen and Repair Nails

Now you know how to use hemp oil to strengthen and repair nails. You also know exactly how hemp oil helps your nails grow. 

The best way to get strong nails is through a healthy diet of superfoods like hemp. Humming Hemp hemp products provide protein, omega fatty acids, and a long list of vitamins. 

Hemp seed oil in particular has nutrients that play important roles in nail health. For example, hemp oil contains carotene, magnesium, and zinc that eliminate ridges and yellow nails. The omega fatty acids even moisturize and fill cracks in dry broken cuticles. 

Whether you are trying to regrow nails or strengthen dry brittle nails hemp oil is good for you. An easy regimen of massaging hemp oil in nails will give you strength. Use hemp oil daily or leave it on nails overnight to see the benefits. 

If you’d rather use hemp oil as a supplement you have that option too. You can even get creative with your recipes for tasty health benefits. 

Order hemp oil today to prepare an overnight moisturizing nail session. And wake in the morning feeling like you never missed a day at the nail salon.