Hemp Hearts versus Chia and Flax Seeds

4 Reasons Why Hemp is Best!

If you could only eat one seed for the rest of your life — imagine that!?! —we want to make sure you made the best choice — “which is best?” you ask—  All seeds offer unique health benefits, however, we believe hemp hearts are the best - now let us tell you why:

Hemp seeds (hearts), chia seeds and flaxseeds have all made their debut over the last few years in the health food scene; each is fantastic in its own right with unique health benefits. All are plant-based, vegetarian, gluten-free, a source of protein and fiber — however, there is one that is a clear winner — and while we might be a little biased about hemp hearts, we’d choose them as our one and only for these reasons:

Deliciously Convenient

Rich, nutty, and delicious, tasting like a sunflower seed and a pine nut had a SUPER baby, you’ll want to eat them straight from the bag. And you can! When was the last time you felt that way about chia seeds?? Hemp hearts are crazy yummy, and easy to add to your daily routine and recipes. You can sprinkle hemp hearts on ANYTHING to make it humming with more nutrition and deliciousness!

Complete Source of Protein

Hemp hearts take the cake on protein. Two tablespoons of hemp hearts are about 7 grams of protein – almost equivalent to the protein found in two egg whites and double the amount of protein found in chia and flax seeds. Hemp hearts even have more protein per ounce than chicken. You just can’t beat it.

Net Zero Carbs 

Hemp hearts are the lowest of the three in regard to carbohydrates – perfect for your low carb or keto lifestyle! In case you’re wondering, hemp hearts contain 3g of carbs per serving, flax seeds contain 9g of carbs per serving and chia seeds contain 13g of carbs per serving. They even contain a whole 50% less carbs than almonds, it’s nuts. (see what we did there)

Packed with Extra Goodness

Hemp seeds contain high amounts of Omega fatty acids, Gamma Linolenic Acid, amino acids, B Vitamins, and a slew of other essential vitamins that not only help your skin, hair, and nails glow, but help with the big stuff like chronic pain, heart health, iron and vitamin deficiencies. The goodness never ends y’all—and chia and flax seeds just can’t keep up.

All and all, chia and flax seeds are great, but you deserve the best. Start sprinkling hemp hearts on your yogurts, cereals, salads or mix them into your recipes when cooking or baking! You won’t regret it, we promise.

ABH. Always be humming!