new year new you — welcome january

fresh starts, all things new —  that’s about the only reason why i love january.  otherwise, we’d name it the month of cold+flu…   i hope that you+yours have been better than my household - which has had about every winter cold and flu that has gone around because #holidaysareforsharing and #preschoolpetridish  — but what does this have to do with humming hemp hearts and YOU?  well, let me share three reasons why you should enjoy humming hemp hearts during this glorious month of january!


ONE:   january is the month that humming hemp hits the shelves of your local washington safeway+albertson’s stores.  this. is. awesome!   now conveniently grab a bag of humming hemp hearts while you pick up your bananas at a washington safeway or albertsons store.


TWO:   january is the month for NEW - new year new you - and a new superfood to try!  humming hemp - american grown hemp hearts -  aka, #thenewsuperfood #thenewamericangrownsuperfood  !!!

THREE:   as you walk down the grocery store aisle - that fantastic humming hemp hearts package is going to draw you in for a closer look because hemp hearts are amazingly healthy, the new kitchen staple (bye-bye chicken) and so easy to eat! and did we mention YUMMY!?


-HEALTHY! 100% COMPLETE plant-based protein; gluten-free; vegan; paleo friendly; zero net carb; extremely nutrient dense; contain all nine essential amino acids the human body can’t produce; boast the PERFECT 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids; contain antioxidants, vitamins+minerals, including iron (more iron per ounce than spinach!).  NOW THAT IS A SUPERFOOD! let’s be honest, we all need some superfoods to balance out the pizza - or in the case of january- those holiday parties…

-THE NEW KITCHEN STAPLE! humming hemp hearts are the new kitchen staple! move over white meat — the little white hemp seed is what’s in your dinner in 2018 — with more protein per ounce than chicken the heart healthy hemp seed is here to stay. #januarykitchenmakeoverhumming

-EASY TO EAT! my daughter grabbed a handful out of the bag tonight and ate them straight.  she loves them - and she also likes to dip her bananas or cucumbers in them…this all makes my mama heart happy because she gets so much nutrition from a handful of humming hemp hearts #momsofpickyeatersunite.


humming hemp hearts are the superfood for everyone – young and old!  increase protein and good fats in your diet by adding a sprinkle of hearts to just about everything: yogurt, oatmeal, avocado toast, steamed veggies, salads, and more.  add them to your baked goods or blend them in your smoothie by the spoonful…no need for processed proteins #wholefoodswin

there you go - three excellent reasons for you to bring home humming hemp hearts!  now- let me leave you with a challenge to make a smoothie, in january, with hemp hearts — the smoothie that will save you because even though january is the month of all things new — it’s also the month of coughs+colds+stomach bugs+flus — our lil’ superfood hemp hearts will help you keep your body supported+strong.   january is citrus season and last year this was my favorite winter smoothie recipe - probably because it’s so fresh+sunny in the winter dreary.  boost your immune system or help it recover from the flu with this vitamin C rich, anti-inflammatory, protein filled smoothie recipe:


winter citrus smoothie

-adapted from Love and Lemons Sunshine Smoothie

1 peeled orange (i also love grapefruit if you enjoy tart)

1 peeled knob of ginger - amount to your liking - about ½ inch

1 cup milk - i prefer almond or hemp milk, coconut is also good

½-1 peeled banana - frozen or fresh

½-1 tsp turmeric (or ½ inch peeled fresh - gives it such a vibrant orange color+good for you)

2-3 tablespoons humming hemp seeds


combine+blend til smooth.  add a handful of fresh or frozen greens if you like, however, know it will change the color of your smoothie to brown but still delicious


from our heart, for yours,

sierra m