Gourmet S’mores recipe that will make you Hum! The Best Chocolate for S’mores

Who doesn’t love S’mores!? This gourmet S’more recipe is made by replacing the standard chocolate bar with our delicious and nutritious Almond & Chocolate hummingbar!



I know that finding the perfect snack or meal for your kids isn’t always easy. Trust me, I know. (And why does everything have to be loaded with unnecessary sugar?)

When I let my kids indulge in sugar, I like to make it fun and memorable. That’s why I LOVE these hummingbar s’mores.  Especially, as we are wrapping up the last few weeks of summer fun.

I created the perfect treat, combining plant-based protein, essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and a touch of nostalgic childhood fun – the Almond & Chocolate hummingbar S’more!



How to make these Gourmet S’mores:

Ingredients you’ll need:

Graham crackers

Marshmallows - I like these vegan marshmallows found on Amazon.

Almond & Chocolate hummingbar

Start by getting your ingredients for this delicious gourmet s’mores recipe.

Next, you need to decide how you want to heat up your marshmallows. There are so many ways to get that ooey gooey goodness we all know and love. You can roast them over an open fire or broil them in an oven.

The basic idea of a s’more is to make a graham cracker sandwich layering graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows. This recipe is done exactly the same. The only difference is we have replaced the standard chocolate with a deliciously nutritious Almond & Chocolate hummingbar.



My favorite way to heat up marshmallows is the traditional, over the campfire. However, I know this isn’t always possible.

Check out this article to explore four creative ways to make s’mores at home, so you don’t need a campfire.

Why kids (of all ages) are humming about the Almond & Chocolate hummingbar S’more:  

The hummingbar provides a dense, chewy texture to the s’more that is absolutely decadent. The nostalgic ooey-gooey s’more has been married to a beautifully dense and robust Almond & Chocolate hummingbar that will literally leave you humming. You see, that’s why I created the hummingbar - I want you to get the sweetness out of life AND the nutrition you need; just like a hummingbird. 

Fellow Moms - a hummingbar packs over 13 micronutrients naturally from it’s ingredients and Powerful Nutrition™ base of American-grown hemp hearts and raw USA honey. On a macro level, a little hummingbar crams all of the healthy fats, protein (even COMPLETE plant-based protein to be exact), Omega fatty acids, healthy natural sugars (raw honey), fiber and carbs that growing kiddos (and parents) need + deserve. Worry less about them and play more with them - that’s just one way hummingbar can help you get the sweetness out of life!   


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