Does Hemp Make You Tired? 

Does Hemp Make You Tired?

Does hemp make you tired?

Hemp does not make you sleepy. Hemp is often confused with cannabis and contains only trace amounts of THC. THC is responsible for drowsy feelings when consuming cannabis. Therefore, consuming hemp will not make you tired.

Thankfully, I can enjoy my Humming Hemp Hummingbar at work. I don’t have to worry about falling asleep at my desk or failing a drug test.

Hemp has continuously risen in popularity as a great way to boost nutrition in your diet. 

However, many people are concerned eating hemp can make you tired due to the high level of magnesium. There are no studies that show that hemp makes you any more tired than you normally are. 

Luckily for you, I’m going to show you why it’s ok for you to consume hemp. Even better, I’m going to show you why it’s incredibly beneficial for your health. If you’re still feeling tired after eating hemp then it might be time to ask your boss for more exciting work, mm-k?

Will Hemp Make You Tired? 

Hemp products will not cause you to be tired. Both cannabis and hemp come from the same plant, but hemp lacks THC. Therefore, you will not get high or fall asleep for consuming hemp.

Hemp is part of the cannabis species, which is well known for causing people to be sleepy. This confusion is why many people are interested in knowing if hemp has similar effects. Let me reassure you that hemp and cannabis are different products.

Hemp contains trace amounts of THC and has no known proof to show that it makes anyone tired after having some. It is much more known for its health benefits rather than putting people to sleep.

What Is Hemp?

Hemp is a nut, so you will find that most food that includes hemp may have a slightly nutty flavor. Hemp is also used in manufacturing physical products because of its sustainability.

Many people enjoy that hemp can not only be consumed for nutritional value but can also be used in items like clothing. There is very little waste when using hemp because it can be used for so many things.


Humming Hemp CEO Hilary Kelsay in hemp field

Humming Hemp Founder and CEO, Hilary Kelsay in a field of industrial hemp in Walla Walla, Wa


Should I Eat Hemp? 

Consuming hemp in your diet is a smart and healthy choice. Hemp products contain powerful plant-based nutrition, are rich in Omega Fatty Acids, and help fight heart disease.

Today you can find hemp almost anywhere. You may not even realize that hemp is in your healthy snack that you enjoy. 

You should always consider the pros and cons before consuming anything new. Thankfully, hemp has very few drawbacks. Most people find it easy to begin purchasing food with hemp included.

Pros of Hemp-Based Foods

Hemp is highly recommended for its nutritional value. You can find a wide variety of different products such as hearts, oil, protein powder, and bars. Incorporating hemp into your lifestyle can be easy!

Nutritional Value 

Hemp is highly nutritious. Hemp contains essential fatty acids, such as omega-6 and omega-3. Along with this, it is also a great source of protein. 

There are even options available to purchase hemp protein powder. Typically, hemp protein is considered a healthier option while giving similar effects to other powders.

Hemp may contain up to 10% more protein when compared to other options, like chia seeds. There are plenty of other minerals included in hemp which make it even more appealing to other options.


Hemp Hearts Nutrition Facts Highlights


Heart Disease 

Studies have shown eating hemp can help lower the risk of heart disease. This does not mean it will cure any ailment. However, hemp can help prevent any issues from occurring later on.

Nutritional values are the reasons why hemp assists in preventing heart disease. It contains high amounts of amino acid arginine, which causes your body to produce nitric oxide. This helps relax your blood vessels and allows you to have a lowered blood pressure. Chances of heart disease decrease with lower blood pressure. 

Plant-Based Protein

Hemp products will help you reach your daily required intake of protein. Perfect for vegans and vegetarians, hemp contains the same amount of protein as some meats. Therefore, consider eating hemp if you’re struggling to meet your protein needs.

Cons of Hemp-Based Foods

Hemp is well known for all of the great nutritional value it can bring to your life. However, it is always important to consider any negative side effects that may occur. 

Luckily, hemp doesn’t tend to cause any major issues. Most people believe the pros outweigh the cons. Watch for these signs as you add hemp into your diet.

High-Fat Content

Consuming too much hemp may cause mild diarrhea. Diets high in fat tend to cause diarrhetic symptoms. Therefore, monitor yourself to see how consuming hemp impacts your body. Generally, these symptoms are more common among those with a more sensitive stomach.

Negative Opinions 

Unfortunately, hemp is often confused for being similar to other forms of cannabis. Hemp is often confused with marijuana. It may influence your opinion on consuming hemp. 


Hemp less than 0.3% THC


It is important to note that hemp is a separate species of cannabis. Hemp contains extremely low amounts of THC. Studies have shown it is impossible to get high from hemp.

How to Incorporate Foods with Hemp 

Include hemp into your diet by eating a hemp bar or using recipes with hemp oil, hearts, or protein powder. Hemp bars are an easy and healthy snack for people on the go. Hemp oil is perfect for a topping oil, drizzling it on popcorn or salads.


Hemp Oil Powerful Nutrition


Incorporating a new food into your diet is always confusing. You never know how to cook a new item or which recipes to try. Personally, I turn to Pinterest to find new hemp recipes. 

Hemp bars make my work day easier because I can throw one in my lunch. The Hummingbars are my favorite because they’re very versatile. I can take them on road trips, nature hikes, or to feed my children while grocery shopping.

Hemp protein is perfect for making protein balls, baked goods, desserts, hummus, and has many more uses. You can also throw a scoop of protein powder into your smoothies.

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, hemp does not make you tired. Hemp is often confused with cannabis because it comes from the same species. However, Hemp only contains small traces of THC. You will not get high or drowsy on hemp because the levels of THC or significantly low.

You should consider eating hemp as part of your diet. Hemp products are full of powerful nutrition your body needs. Most notably, hemp is full omega fatty acids and protein. Consuming hemp may help fight heart disease.

The major downsides to hemp are its high fat content. A diet with high fat may cause some diarrhea, so watch out for these symptoms. Hemp may also be confused with marijuana, but they are different products.

The easiest way to add hemp into your diet is through snack bars. Snack bars are perfect for busy families and on-the-go nutrition. Alternatively, you can use hemp oil and cook with hemp hearts and protein powder.


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