Hemp Food & Snacks To Make You Hum

Deliciously Convenient Hemp Snacks

We’ve talked before about why you deserve hemp in your life, touched on the wide range of health and dietary benefits offered by such a simple seed. We’ve also provided a (far from complete) list showing why hemp products would be a wonderful addition to your pantry staples. But…what good’s the why without the how? Knowing about a hyper-healthy superfood is great and all, but what can someone do with it? A fair question, one that deserves an answer as much as you deserve a hemp fueled culinary experience.

So today we’ll share a few tips and tricks to spark a variety of ideas about what to do with this deliciously convenient and nutritious food.

Mix it up with hemp hearts

Into baking? Enjoy crafting your own specially made cookies, or concocting new variations of homemade treats? Well hemp hearts can be the perfect addition to your list of pantry staple ingredients. You can:

  • Incorporate them into your favorite cookie recipe.
  • Toss a handful into your bread / biscuit / dinner roll dough.
  • Mix some in with your waffle or pancake batter.

See yourself as more of a cook than a baker? That’s great, because hemp hearts will work just as well for you. Go wild, experiment, try:

  • Adding them to your next pasta sauce.
  • Using them as the perfect salad topping.
  • Sprinkling some into your morning oatmeal.

Or maybe none of these ideas appeal to you. Well fear not, grab some protein powder and try…

Blend with protein powder

Protein powder can be the perfect addition to your favorite smoothie. More into blending up health shakes? The same applies, just scoop in some hemp protein powder. Not only does hemp have a delicious nutty flavor, it’s a complete source of protein. It’s a much better alternative to the chalky tasting protein powders we’ve all tried before. Gone are the days of sacrificing great taste for a hearty shake!

Still not enough, ideas only beginning to fizzle? Open some hemp oil and why not try…

Drizzle the hemp oil

Yet another way to incorporate hemp into your daily habits!

Pour some over noodles for a simple pasta. Add to, or replace, olive oil to dress a refreshing salad. Dash some together with a little bit of balsamic vinegar and create the perfect dip for sourdough bread.

Or better yet, hemp oil on popcorn! Pop it up, toss in a bit of sea salt, drizzle on some hemp oil, and enjoy a nutty addition to your already delicious popcorn. Which, bonus, will now be packed with omegas!

Woah…slow down

At this point you might be having idea overload, your mind is reeling at the sheer number of uses one can get out of hemp products. The best advice we have is to let your creativity run amuck and test out whatever comes to mind until you find your favorite ways to hemp enhance your food or snack.

On the other hand, by now you might be thinking, ‘this is all neat, but I’m just looking for something to grab and go to quell sudden snack attacks. IF that’s the case, don’t forget you can grab our hemp hearts and eat them straight from the bag! As long as you find what makes you HUM.

Start experimenting with hemp and let us know what awesome ideas you come up with. And remember, HUM often!