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new year new you — welcome january

By Sierra Messenger / January 15, 2018

fresh starts, all things new —  that’s about the only reason why i love january.  otherwise, we’d name it the month of cold+flu…   i hope that you+yours have been better than my household - which has had about every winter cold and flu that has gone around because #holidaysareforsharing and #preschoolpetridish  — but what does…

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jam thumbprints, humming hemp style

By Sierra Messenger / December 20, 2017

it’s that time of year — the season of baking delicious goodies and sharing them with those around you.  that’s right, sharing- because sharing is caring -  and your fellow party people, coworkers and neighbors will thank you — especially if you bring them these yummy treats… one of my many favorite things about humming…

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Holiday Hemp

By Sierra Messenger / December 1, 2017

a Holly Jolly Hello!  can you believe it’s the holiday season already?  i cannot.  i sit here, in my office, amidst a plethora of fabulous holiday offerings overflowing my inbox, a to-do list growing with things i’d like to make or do in the next month, and the great hope that this year my tree…

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Hemp Hearts

By Sierra Messenger / November 15, 2017

hello + welcome!  we are so happy to have you here at Humming Hemp! we are Humming Hemp an American hemp food company that was founded in 2017 by a group of entrepreneurs and friends who LOVE hemp food! now, let me introduce you to our favorite product, the simple seed that packs a punch,…

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