Are Hemp Hearts Gluten Free?

If you’ve read about hemp hearts you know the benefits. You also know that hemp protein is a safe alternative for soy and dairy. But if you’re gluten sensitive and ready to snack away on hemp hearts there’s more you need to know. Are hemp hearts gluten free?

Hemp hearts are gluten free. In fact, Humming Hemp hemp hearts are certified by the Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO). 

People with food allergies, gluten sensitivities, or have celiac disease you can still reap the benefits of hemp hearts. 

Hemp hearts are a grain, however, that doesn’t stop Humming Hemp from ensuring all our products are certified gluten free. Not only are hemp hearts gluten free, but they are also all natural, sugar free, and high in protein. 

Keep reading to find out which gluten free products you can try. And find out why it’s so important to us that all our products are always certified gluten free. 

If you are ready for a gluten free snack that is also heart-healthy then hemp hearts are for you.

Are Hemp Hearts Gluten Free?

Hemp hearts are naturally gluten free. However, some hearts may be contaminated with gluten containing crops. Therefore, verify your hemp hearts are gluten free by looking for indication on the package.

Humming hemp ensures their hemp seeds are not cross-contaminated with gluten. All hemp products are not the same.

In some cases, the manufacturing process allows for cross contamination of crops with gluten. Not all brands are picky about their products being gluten free. A certified gluten free logo on the packaging is third-party verification your food is gluten free. To know for sure, look for a gluten certification logo on the bag. 



Are Hemp Hearts a Grain?

Hemp hearts come from a plant that is a grain. Hemp comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant. This plant is not related to grains like barley, wheat, or rye. So, hemp doesn’t contain the gluten that wheat plants do. 

However, as with all grain products, there’s a possibility that they will become cross-contaminated during growing and processing. Some farmers may use the same equipment to store all of their grain crops together. 

Not all grain crops are harvested the same way. It’s possible to grow grain crops separate from grain products that contain gluten. 

In the US, there is a legal limit of gluten allowed in gluten free products. Products with less than 20 parts per million (ppm) are considered gluten free. Just so you know, 20 ppm is an extremely small amount. Private companies test the amount of gluten in a product before they are allowed to call themselves gluten free.

So while hemp hearts come from grain, it doesn’t mean that they contain gluten. 

What Other Hemp Products are Gluten Free?

Any products that come from hemp are technically gluten free. Check for added ingredients, including seasoning, that may contain wheat or gluten. Some company’s hemp products may contain gluten, so look for a gluten free logo. 

Humming Hemp products are all gluten free including protein powder and hemp seed oil. 

Is Hemp Protein Powder Gluten Free?

Not all hemp protein is certified gluten free. Humming Hemp protein powder is gluten free. Hemp protein powder is the best alternative for vegans or for people with any food allergies or sensitivities. 

Hemp protein is free from the top 8 allergens which means it contains no soy, eggs, or gluten. People with allergies are used to eating substitutes. Substitutes are often treated as if it’s the next best thing. 

When eating hemp you can be sure it’s the best protein on the market. Hemp protein offers you everything any allergy filled animal protein can and more. 

With hemp protein powder you get the heart-healthy protein that will help you build muscle and lose weight. You also get vitamins and minerals like magnesium and zinc, not found in other proteins. 

Hemp protein powder is the gluten free option that everyone should use whether they have allergies or not. 

Is Hemp Seed Oil Gluten free?

Not all hemp seed oil is gluten free. Humming Hemp hemp oil is gluten free. Hemp seed oil offers you versatility and flavor without allergens.  

Oil and hemp share a similar issue with cross-contamination. During manufacturing, it’s possible for oils to come in contact with products that have gluten or be flavored with gluten additives. 

Humming hemp offers hemp seed oil with amazing flavors giving you the chance to try different things. The idea is that you can drizzle hemp seed oil on food or create amazing recipes and sauces. 

Hemp seed oil can also be taken as a daily supplement or massaged into the skin. With so many options it’s important that there are no allergies to harm you. 

No matter what you choose to do with our hemp products you can ensure they are all certified gluten free. 

Why is it Important to Get Certified Gluten Free Hemp Products?

Certified gluten free is verified by third-parties to meet stringent requirements about the level of gluten in your food. Uncertified products may have come into contact with gluten during the manufacturing or growing process. Therefore, certified means your food has been held to a higher standard. 

The FDA requires certified gluten free foods to be tested for trace amounts of gluten. Each product is required to have less than 20 ppm of gluten.

You should note, just because a packaging says it’s gluten free does not mean that it’s certified. For example, a company that produces strawberries could list gluten free on the packaging. 

However, strawberries are obviously gluten free and no third party organization has verified the claim. Therefore, it’s important to verify a product is certified gluten free.

Several independent third party organizations verify gluten free claims and issue labels as proof of compliance. Each organization that tests for gluten has different levels of trace gluten requirements. 

The three major certification groups are:

The Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO) 

  • Ensures all products fall below 10ppm

National Sanitation Foundation International (NSF)

  • Guarantee products they test contain less than 15 ppm

The British Retail Consortium Global Standards (BRCGS) 

  • Certify products are less than 20 ppm, but in Australia and New Zealand gluten must be non detectable.

Humming Hemp products are certified by GFCO. This means that we are subject to their process of certification including being tested at least once a year.

No matter who certifies us one thing that will remain is that Humming Hemp will always be certified gluten free. 

Why Humming Hemp Products are Always Certified Gluten Free 

Humming Hemp products are always certified gluten free because customers deserve a worry-free superfood.

We know that any cross-contamination is dangerous to anyone with food allergies. Here at Humming Hemp, we want our product to be a benefit to your health, not be a burden or a danger.

When you find a product that has so many benefits you want everyone to have a chance to take part. A superfood like hemp is great for everybody

We want everyone with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, or a wheat allergy to reap the benefits of hemp products.

Summary: Are hemp hearts gluten free?

Hemp is naturally gluten free and we want to keep it that way. If you have celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, or an allergy to wheat we want to make sure you are safe.

Humming Hemp products are certified gluten free by GFCO. This means that our products don’t contain gluten. 

Hemp is a grain, but with Humming Hemp you don’t have to worry. Our products are tested for any cross-contamination that could occur in the growing or the manufacturing process.  

Hemp is safe for everyone. We want people with allergies and gluten sensitivities to benefit from eating hemp hearts. 

Hemp hearts are full of healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals that promote a healthy body inside and out. Hemp hearts aren’t the only products that are gluten free. 

You can also use the benefit of hemp oil on your skin and hemp protein for your muscles. When it comes to hemp products the possibilities are endless. 

Every time you purchase our product we can ensure you are getting non-GMO, gluten free products that you will love. 

You can find hemp hearts online or in a store near you. Try hemp hearts today, so that you can see that not all substitutes are second best. 



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