Why You Are Always Hungry on Keto Diet (Feel Full Again)

You were told that you’d never be hungry on keto, but here you are craving food. If you’ve been following the diet perfectly it can be hard to figure out why you’re always hungry on the keto diet.  

Being hungry on the keto diet is normal. The human body needs to adjust to a new diet, especially after giving up sugar and carbs. Eating more fiber and drinking more water can help with the adjustment period. 

The good news is, there’s a way to stop hunger cravings on keto. 

To stay on the right track, all you need to do is pinpoint the reason you’re always hungry and fix it. Nutritional and fiber-rich foods are a great start. 

If you choose snacks wisely, you won’t need to worry about eating too much food or needing a cheat day. In this article, learn how to stop your hunger cravings and how hemp products can help. 

Why do I Always Feel Hungry on Keto Diet?

A sudden change in diet can cause anyone to always feel hungry, even on keto. Feeling hungry when starting the keto diet is normal. When sudden hunger strikes in the middle of keto, the body could be adjusting to new nutritional needs. 

You won’t feel as hungry once your body adjusts to your new eating habits. Your body will begin to use the vitamin-rich food you are giving it as energy. You’ll feel lighter and fuller longer after the initial detox phase. 

Don’t worry if the beginning phase of keto is hard, it’s normal for any diet. Hunger shifts are the reason an overall healthy diet is preferred to sudden diet shifts. If you are always feeding your body healthy food then there isn’t a detox period.

However, you may wonder why you’re still feeling hungry if you are past the detox phase. Not eating enough fiber can contribute to your hunger problems. Unfortunately, low carb diets, like keto, unintentionally remove fiber from your diet. 

Fiber is a carbohydrate. When you eliminate lots of carbs you may forget to add low-carb fiber-rich foods into your diet.

If you find yourself suddenly hungry on keto check your fiber intake. Fiber keeps you full longer and aids in digestion. 

You don’t have to choose a food that is high in carbs to get more fiber. For example, hemp hearts have fiber, but only have 1g of net carbs. That is just one of the many benefits of hemp products on the keto diet.   

How do I Stop Hunger Cravings on Keto?

To stop hunger cravings on keto, eat foods rich in fiber and drink more water. Fiber-rich foods will keep you full longer, but when you combine fiber with water you also help your digestive system. Digesting fiber properly helps you fight off hunger. 

Your body often confuses being thirsty with hunger. You may be tired of people telling you to drink water, but it truly is a cure-all. A dehydrated body is hungry and tired. Filling a dehydrated body with more food will only cause more problems. 



When hungry, if you start with a glass of water you may find you weren’t hungry at all. If you’re still hungry after a glass of water you may need to eat. Changing your diet doesn’t mean you need to starve yourself. 

Make sure you are getting enough calories for your body. Ensure you get all the vitamins and minerals you need by supplementing your meals with a snack. 

If you are hungry on keto there’s nothing wrong with a snack, but be sure it’s not an empty snack. You need a snack that is healthy and filling. 

A tall glass of water followed by a hemp bar will give you fiber, fat, and protein. The proper snack will hold you over until the next meal without throwing you out of ketosis.

Make sure if you snack you’re doing it the right way. We have a long list of snack ideas on our blog

How Much is Too Much Food on Keto?

There isn’t a certain amount of food that is too much to eat on keto. With keto, the goal is to reach ketosis to lose weight. You must also create a caloric deficit. Calculating calories will determine if you are eating too much or too little food. 

Choose food based on how many calories you need in a day. If your meal choices and exercise levels aren’t matching up then you may be eating too much food to lose weight. Of course, all of this is determined by your weight and nutritional needs. 

Keep in mind, it takes time to lose weight even when you are in ketosis. So you should not stop eating food with weight loss in mind. If you’re eating the right amount of calories, and are slowly losing weight, chances are you’re doing just fine.

Will One Cheat Day Ruin Ketosis?

Unfortunately, one cheat day can take you out of ketosis. However, one cheat meal doesn’t have to ruin all your progress. Ketosis is very specific and based on a certain level of fat and protein in the body. If you break away from that you will no longer be in ketosis. 

You can find your way back to ketosis by getting right back on your diet plan. The best way to stay in ketosis is to eat foods you love throughout the diet. You won’t feel as if you need a cheat day if you aren’t restricting yourself. 

If you eat the foods you love when you want them, then you will be able to maintain ketosis. Try choosing a cheat meal that is keto-friendly and you can have a cheat day that will keep you on track.

What Keto-Friendly Snacks Can Help with Hunger

Eating keto-friendly snacks that contain fiber is the best way to help you with hunger. Kale chips, beef jerky, and nuts are some of the best snacks to eat on the go. 



Choose the food you love during snack time. If you love chocolate, find a way to incorporate that into your keto diet. As long as you are eating high fat, high protein, and low carb food then you are on the right track. 

Hemp bars and hemp hearts contain the protein and fiber you need. Most low-carb snacks don’t contain any fiber, so while you get the calories you need you are missing the fullness and energy you get from the complex carb. 

If you feel you’ve already been snacking to help with hunger and it’s not helping, maybe it’s time to change up your snack. Add hemp oil or hemp protein powder to your favorite snack to add a bit more nutrition and fat.

You can add hemp protein powder to:

  • Yogurt
  • Shakes 
  • Smoothies
  • Baked Goods 

You can add hemp oil to: 

  • Salads 
  • Vegetables 
  • Fruit
  • Dressings
  • Sandwiches (or roll-ups)

Hemp protein adds a filling fat element to meals or snacks that are lacking in nutritional value. If you want more ideas read up on our keto on-the-go snack ideas.

Summary: Why you’re not feeling satisfied on Keto

If you’re not feeling satisfied on keto you’re not alone. Sudden hunger taking over happens right at the beginning of a new diet, or as you get bored with your choices. 

To help, all you need to do is reevaluate your choices and make sure you are eating enough fiber and drinking enough water. Making small meal changes can be the quick fix to feeling full again.

It’s possible you may find you’re still hungry, if that’s the case be sure you are getting all the calories you need. Eating all the protein, carbs, and fat that you need may make you feel that you are eating too much, but that may not be true. 

Just in case double-check your caloric intake because you may have already shed pounds and need a new nutritional plan. When all else fails, eat a snack. 

It’s okay to eat when you are hungry. Healthy snacks like Humming Hemp hemp bars are here to provide much-needed nutrition no matter what diet you are on. Pick hemp products up at a store near you today.


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