Hemp: Paleo Friendly Protein

Looking for paleo-friendly pantry staples? Hemp hearts, hemp protein powder, and hemp oil are paleo superfood  items that you should always have on your shelves.  

A paleo diet is based on foods similar to what humans might have eaten during the Paleolithic era —which spans from 10,000 to 2.5 million years ago. The premise of a paleo diet is that foods from the Paleolithic era are precisely what the human body needs.   

On the Paleo diet, there is an emphasis on eating food that has gone through as little processing as possible. After all, modern processing was not available in the Paleolithic era. The goal is to avoid preservatives, additives, hormones and other chemicals. Most people on a paleo diet turn to animal protein to meet daily amino acid requirements. The problem is that it can be expensive to find high-quality, organic or grass-fed meat. Fortunately, there is an excellent alternative —  hemp protein.  

Hemp is a nutritious and delicious alternative to beef and other meats.  And, our Humming Hemp products are Certified Paleo, non-GMO and Certified Vegan. We never process them with hexane or other chemicals.   

Hemp protein comes from hemp seeds. This protein has a complete amino acid profile. It contains 18 essential amino acids. This one superfood supports healthy bones, muscles, and brain functioning, making it a complete source of plant-based protein.  

Hemp foods are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Even better is that they have the ideal ratio of these fatty acids 3 to 1. Hemp protein also has many other essential vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, zinc, and iron. Plus, hemp is an excellent source of fiber.   

Paleo-Diet Hemp Foods  

Wondering what hemp products you can eat on a paleo diet? Here are three hemp proteins perfect for a paleo diet: 

Hemp Protein Powder  

This versatile powder is a great paleo-friendly protein option. It has a mild texture that makes it perfect  for blending into post-workout smoothies or shakes. Try this Golden Glow Smoothie paleo protein powder recipe. Just add a teaspoon of the paleo protein powder to the blender with the rest of the ingredients. Not in the mood for a smoothie or shake? You can also add hemp protein powder to hot cereal or oatmeal.  

Hemp Hearts  

Hemp hearts are raw, shelled hemp seeds. They are nutrient-dense and high in protein. Hemp hearts are optimally balanced and taste great right out of the bag. They are nutty-tasting and have a crunchy texture. If you are looking for a healthy super snack for everyone in the family, this is it.  

Hemp Oil  

Looking for a Paleo Certified oil to drizzle on salads or blend into dips? Hemp oil is the perfect solution. This cold-pressed extra-virgin oil is made from hemp seeds. It is unrefined and not processed. Hemp oil makes a great daily supplement to your paleo diet. Just take one to two tablespoons per day to get your daily dose of anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals.  


Hemp foods are the superfood of all superfoods you deserve. Start feeling foxy with Humming Hemp hemp foods from the shelves of  GNC, Safeway, Albertson, or Fred Meyer. 


Hum often!