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Nutrient-Packed Hemp Seed Pesto

By Dee Boyle / December 14, 2018

  Hemp Seed Pesto Is So Easy and Good When it comes to comfort foods, you can’t beat pasta. You might be thinking “pasta sounds great, but it will destroy my diet.” Well, we’ve got some great news. Hemp seed pesto not only makes a delicious pasta sauce — but it’s incredibly healthy and packed…

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Hemp Food & Snacks To Make You Hum

By Dee Boyle / November 6, 2018

Deliciously Convenient Hemp Snacks We’ve talked before about why you deserve hemp in your life, touched on the wide range of health and dietary benefits offered by such a simple seed. We’ve also provided a (far from complete) list showing why hemp products would be a wonderful addition to your pantry staples. But…what good’s the…

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maddest-monday breakfast

By Sierra Messenger / March 25, 2018

happy monday, friends! at Humming Hemp we have been enjoying all the madness of #marchmadness! with over 1,000 ways to eat hemp hearts, this month we are featuring another one of our founder’s favorites – and its the perfect breakfast for any monday! max schneider is the COO of Humming Hemp and loves serving you…

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