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Hemp Food & Snacks To Make You Hum

By Dee Boyle / November 6, 2018

Deliciously Convenient Hemp Snacks We’ve talked before about why you deserve hemp in your life, touched on the wide range of health and dietary benefits offered by such a simple seed. We’ve also provided a (far from complete) list showing why hemp products would be a wonderful addition to your pantry staples. But…what good’s the…

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Hemp Hearts versus Chia and Flax Seeds

By Dee Boyle / October 3, 2018
Hemp hearts chia flax

4 Reasons Why Hemp is Best! If you could only eat one seed for the rest of your life — imagine that!?! —we want to make sure you made the best choice — “which is best?” you ask—  All seeds offer unique health benefits, however, we believe hemp hearts are the best – now let us…

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Hemp Hearts Benefits You Deserve

By Dee Boyle / October 3, 2018

Hemp Hearts: The Pantry Staple You Deserve Did you know that you deserve the benefits of hemp hearts?  Seriously, you do! Let’s break down all the reasons why in this blog post. Hemp Hearts, What?  Hemp hearts are the soft, chewy and highly nutritious goodness found inside the shell of a hemp seed (think of…

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heart-y hemp pancakes

By Sierra Messenger / February 27, 2018

there is one day left of love month –february– and what a month it’s been.  humming hemp hearts rolled out onto Washington Safeway and Albertsons store shelves and Amazon.com and immediately sold out in some locations!!  never fear – we will keep you well stocked with these delicious-tiny but mighty-delights…  a good thing too since…

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new year new you — welcome january

By Sierra Messenger / January 15, 2018

fresh starts, all things new —  that’s about the only reason why i love january.  otherwise, we’d name it the month of cold+flu…   i hope that you+yours have been better than my household – which has had about every winter cold and flu that has gone around because #holidaysareforsharing and #preschoolpetridish  — but what does…

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jam thumbprints, humming hemp style

By Sierra Messenger / December 20, 2017

it’s that time of year — the season of baking delicious goodies and sharing them with those around you.  that’s right, sharing- because sharing is caring –  and your fellow party people, coworkers and neighbors will thank you — especially if you bring them these yummy treats… one of my many favorite things about humming…

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Holiday Hemp

By Sierra Messenger / December 1, 2017

a Holly Jolly Hello!  can you believe it’s the holiday season already?  i cannot.  i sit here, in my office, amidst a plethora of fabulous holiday offerings overflowing my inbox, a to-do list growing with things i’d like to make or do in the next month, and the great hope that this year my tree…

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Hemp Hearts

By Sierra Messenger / November 15, 2017

hello + welcome!  we are so happy to have you here at Humming Hemp! we are Humming Hemp an American hemp food company that was founded in 2017 by a group of entrepreneurs and friends who LOVE hemp food! now, let me introduce you to our favorite product, the simple seed that packs a punch,…

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