5 Things You Need To Know About Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are quickly becoming very popular. These super seeds are definitely worth the hype. Find out why.

Many people consider hemp seeds to be a nutritional powerhouse. You can’t beat hemp seed nutrition. Hemp seeds have an excellent nutritional profile. They are a wholesome snack for the whole family.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the hemp seed benefits.

#1 Excellent Source of Plant-Based Protein

Hemp seeds are a great source of plant-based protein. Because of this fact, they are great for vegan and vegetarian diets. Just three tablespoons of Humming hemp hearts contain 10 grams of protein. Based on a 2,000 calorie diet, this amount satisfies 20 percent of your total protein needs each day.

#2 Perfect Ratio of Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids or EFAs are fatty acids that the human body needs but does not produce. These fatty acids play an essential role in the health of the eyes, brain and heart health. One of the hemp benefits is that it contains the perfect ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids.

#3 Great Source of Fiber

Hemp is a great source of fiber. Dietary fiber is one of the most important nutrients that the human body requires. It helps you feel full longer, which can aid weight loss. Getting enough fiber is essential as it also helps regulate blood sugar levels, protects against heart disease and more.

Two scoops of hemp protein powder has five grams of dietary fiber. There are plenty of processed junk foods that have added fiber. Avoid these foods. Get your daily fiber from Humming hemp protein powder instead. Our hemp protein powder is made from raw whole hemp seeds grown in the Heart of America by American farmers. It’s gently cold-processed and never processed with chemicals.

#4 There are So Many Uses for Them

Hemp seeds are so versatile that you can use them in almost every meal. Humming hemp hearts are ready to eat right from the bag. You don’t need to cook or grind them. This fact makes them the perfect on-the-go snack.

Hemp hearts have a soft, chewy texture and a delicious flavor. Therefore, they make any good dish even better. Just a sprinkle and voilà, food is even more healthy and enjoyable. that makes them great substitute for oatmeal. You can use in them in place of oats for any recipe. Hemp hearts can also be a great substitute for some things. Forget about using those pre-packaged coatings for fish. Use something much healthier — hemp hearts.

If you love the taste of nut butter but can’t have it because of an allergy, try making a nut-free hemp butter from hemp seeds and hemp oil. Do you want to know how to eat hemp seeds? Here are five more ways to enjoy hemp hearts.

#5 They Taste Great   

Humming hemp hearts have a mild flavor profile and a soft and chewy texture. The pleasant, mild flavor profile means that they taste great with a variety of different foods. Try sprinkling them on your favorite yogurt. Blend them into smoothies or cottage cheese. Use them to liven up your cereal in the morning.

Humming Hemp hearts are the certified vegan superfood that EveryBODY deserves. You can buy our nutritious hemp foods at your local GNC, Safeway, Fred Meyer, or Albertsons grocery stores.

Hum often!