Let Us Give Thanks


A November Letter From Our CEO, Hilary Kelsay

We are thankful! We are thankful for you, we are thankful for American-grown hemp, we are thankful for distribution with Kroger nationwide.

As our buckets overflow this month allow us to give back to you, a member of our growing tribe. Enjoy two FREE hummingbars™ on us, including free shipping. Yes, totally free, no stings attached. Just click here to claim yours. Take a deep breath, eat your hummingbars™ and enjoy the Holiday Season that is upon us yet again.

Let us give thanks:

American farmers growing hemp; Their entrepreneurial spirit is inspiring and ever valuable to the success of Humming Hemp.

The 2018 Farm Bill; Yes, this deserves a round of applause. On December 12, Congress federally legalized hemp with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. What progress we are making in this country!

The hummingbar™ !!! We took our passion for American-grown hemp foods and innovated one of the best, most powerfully nutritious (and DELICIOUS) protein-energy bars on the market! Did you know that a hummingbar™ contains between 11 and 12 grams of complete plant-based protein from American-grown hemp hearts? Only sweetened by the bees with raw USA honey, a hummingbar™ has 9 grams of sugar that are delicious and full of phytonutrients and antifungal and antibacterial enzymes! Don’t forget the 14 micro nutrients found NATURALLY in a hummingbar from the ingredients themselves. No fortification or synthetic STUFF here; nope, this is Powerful Nutrition™ that will keep you humming along throughout your day!

With 5 amazing mouth-watering flavors like Lavender Pistachio & Blueberry (a fan favorite), Honey & Cinnamon, Seed & Date, Almond & Chocolate, and Pumpkin Seed & Spice, even the pickiest of eaters will find a flavor they enjoy! When’s the last time you got your kid to eat something healthy without a fuss?

hummingbars™ at Kroger stores nationwide; We could not be more thankful to bring you hummingbars through Fred Meyer, Ralph’s, King Soopers, Kroger, Smith’s and QFC! hummingbars can also be found at Raley’s stores in California and coming soon to Huckleberry stores in the PNW & Ingles in the Carolinas. We are so excited to be launching in all these retailers and can’t wait for the many more to come! Our mission is to make hemp foods accessible to everyBODY and with the support of these retailers, we’re accomplishing just that.

Photo Cred: Rebecca Lilly

American beekeepers and the 2019 honey season; Where would we bee without bees and honey? The USA is a much sweeter place thanks to our hardworking beekeepers! At Humming Hemp we support American beekeepers by sourcing only pure, raw USA honey!

YOU, our growing tribe; We are so thankful for you and your support. Without people like you who love and enjoy our hummingbar™ as much as we do, we would not get to do what we LOVE! From our heart, to yours, THANK YOU!

-Hilary Kelsay, CEO Humming Hemp™