Can hemp hearts be frozen?

Hemp hearts are your new favorite healthy snack and you want to use every last bit, so you want to find the best way to store them. While storing your groceries your mom comes over and she puts them in the freezer with your coffee beans. She’s helping you organize and you don’t want to be rude, but you wonder can hemp hearts be frozen?

Hemp hearts can be frozen to extend the shelf life. Hemp seeds in the freezer will last for about a year after you open them. The best way to store hemp hearts is in a cool dark place. When freezing hemp hearts be sure they are in a dark airtight container.  

Hemp hearts will be happy in the freezer next to your coffee beans. The benefit of freezing hemp hearts is that the nutrients will last longer. You can blend hemp hearts from frozen to get all the benefits of omega fatty acids into frozen smoothies and treats like ice cream. 

Hemp hearts thaw quickly if you let them sit at room temperature, so you can still add them to soup, salads, and bowls before you’re ready to eat. Keep reading to learn more about frozen and refrigerated hemp hearts and how to know if they’ve gone bad.

Can hemp hearts be frozen?

Hemp hearts can be frozen if you’d like them to last longer. In the freezer, hemp hearts can last about a year. Be sure to place hemp hearts in an airtight container. Once the bag of hemp hearts is open they are susceptible to losing freshness and become freezer burned. 

To avoid freezer burn, place your hemp hearts in an easy-to-open container that is air-tight. The proper container will keep the hemp hearts fresh and ready to use from the freezer. 

The tiny seeds thaw quickly and are ready to provide the protein and fat your food was missing. Freezing them won’t harm the vitamins and nutrients. In fact, if you freeze hemp hearts they will hold on to the vitamin E, calcium, protein, and omega fatty acids even longer. 

The best container is one that allows you to open them up, grab a spoonful, and easily closes right back. I keep my frozen produce in reusable freezer bags. Reusable bags are more sustainable and seal better than traditional plastic freezer bags. 

Be sure to take a look at the bag of hemp hearts to find the expiration date. When you freeze hemp hearts you’ll want to do so before the “best by” date on the bag. You should always check hemp hearts to ensure they are still fresh.

Should hemp hearts be frozen or refrigerated?

Hemp hearts should be frozen or refrigerated based on how long they need to last. On each bag of Humming Hemp Hemp Hearts there is a recommendation to refrigerate, and a best by date. Hemp hearts can last until the best by date in the pantry, however, they should be frozen or refrigerated if the option is available.

The refrigeration recommendation is to ensure freshness and to keep the omegas and nutrients intact. Refrigerating and freezing hemp hearts extends the shelf life from 3 to 4 months to 1 year.

My personal stash of hemp hearts won’t last that long because we’ll eat them by then. However, placing them in the fridge means knowing they are fresh full of nutrients, and ready when you are. The best course of action is to keep hemp hearts where you need them to make your meals and snacks. 







Hemp hearts are shelf-stable so they won’t go bad before the date on the bag, even if you leave them in your desk at work. However, the bag at home in your refrigerator will last longer than the bag in your desk. And when you think you’re all out of hemp hearts the bag in your freezer will be there waiting for you to make a smoothie. 

So the best way to store hemp hearts is in all three places, ready to use as you need them. 

Why do you freeze or refrigerate hemp hearts?

Freeze or refrigerate hemp hearts to preserve the omega fatty acids and nutrients. Freezing hemp hearts extends shelf life and gives them a nice cool bite. But freezing isn’t required, it’s recommended to make storing and cooking hemp hearts an easier process. 

Put them in the freezer and use them frozen for all sorts of food. Even if you take frozen hemp hearts and place them in the soup they will warm quickly enough for you to eat them without adding an extra thawing step.

The vitamin E in hemp hearts makes them shelf-stable and you can place them in the pantry. Hemp hearts work great on camping trips and places you need a snack on the go

The reason we refrigerate hemp hearts is so we don’t waste any if it’s going to take longer than a few months to consume the full bag. 

Freezing is simply a convenient way to ensure hemp hearts are being kept in their freshest state. The best way to ensure freshness is to keep hemp hearts in a cool dark place, so light doesn’t affect the omega fatty acids. 

The same advice to refrigerate goes for hemp oil and hemp protein powder as well. Each has its own shelf life to protect the oils and protein from going rancid, do your best to consume them before the printed best by date.

Can I eat expired hemp hearts?

You should not eat expired hemp hearts. Check the nutrition label to see if hemp hearts have gone past the date printed on the bag. Hemp hearts usually last about 3 months on the shelf once opened. 

Each Humming Hemp bag has a best by date that designates hemp hearts won’t go bad before the specified time. Follow the date on your bag for guaranteed freshness.

Your safest bet is not to consume hemp hearts past the best by date, you can always grab another bag on Amazon. But be sure to determine if the hemp hearts have gone bad before you toss them in the trash. 

If your hemp seeds are past the expiration date, but you don’t think they’ve gone bad try an alternative use for them like composting or fertilizer for your garden. If you don’t like to waste food you can find other uses for hemp hearts that have reached the best by date. For example, hemp hearts that haven’t gone bad make good horse feed.

How do I know if hemp hearts have gone bad?

The quickest way to tell if hemp hearts have gone bad is by checking for a rancid smell. Hemp hearts will have a bitter taste once they have gone bad and the once nutty flavor will be sour. 

The sour smell might be subtle as hemp hearts don’t go bad for quite some time. You’ll have to make a judgment call if you think they’ve gone bad.

Summary: Freezing hemp hearts and other storage tips

Freezing hemp hearts is only one way to store hemp hearts. Freezing or refrigerating hemp hearts in an air-tight container can extend their freshness. 

If you’re unsure if your hemp hearts have gone bad you can tell by a sour smell or taste. When in doubt check the best by date on the label. You shouldn’t consume hemp hearts past the expiration date, but it’s possible to find other sustainable uses for hemp hearts that are still fresh. 

As long as you store hemp hearts correctly in a cool dark place you can make them last anywhere between three months and one year. 

The key takeaway is that you can freeze hemp hearts. Frozen hemp hearts make a tasty addition to all your frozen treats. In fact, since they thaw so quickly you can find uses for them in hot foods as well. 

How will you use your frozen hemp hearts? Share your ideas with us after you grab your bag from our Humming Hemp Amazon store.