Hemp Hearts

hello + welcome!  we are so happy to have you here at Humming Hemp!

we are Humming Hemp an American hemp food company that was founded in 2017 by a group of entrepreneurs and friends who LOVE hemp food!

now, let me introduce you to our favorite product, the simple seed that packs a punch, Hemp Hearts!

have you heard the hum about hemp?

hemp hearts are the most digestible, balanced, natural and complete source of protein+amino acids+ essential fats found anywhere in nature. just three tablespoons packs 10 grams of complete plant based protein+the richest known source of polyunsaturated fats+a perfect 3:1 ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 linoleic acid.


it’s fall ya’ll and with the season comes back to school, back to schedules, sports, holidays, get togethers, and all kinds of other good stuff that fill our days. with all the hum of activity, we need to keep our bellies full and fueled. here at Humming Hemp we love simple, healthy meals and easy ways to boost nutrition — especially when feeding our on the go toddlers!  Humming Hemp Hearts are the perfect superfood addition to our meals, not only for our little ones, but for everyone in our home.


let’s go through four simple, easy ways you can use hemp hearts during your day:


just scoop some of that tiny goodness out of the bag and into your mouth!  the nutty flavor and easy crunch will have you licking up every last heart — literally!  one handful will boost your energy and provide protein+healthy fats along with essential omega fatty acids+all 19 amino acids+iron+magnesium and more!


we love our smoothies and not many days go by without one for breakfast or a snack.  hemp hearts offer a whole food source of the protein+fiber+fats that your smoothie needs to keep the body happy+humming.  one serving offers 10g of protein - unprocessed, no added fillers or sugar!


try this basic smoothie recipe:


1-2 cups coconut milk

1 handful greens

1/4 c. frozen berries or banana

3 tbsp humming hemp hearts


customize by adding honey, spices, vanilla, ice or other additions of your choice

notes: The only sugar in this recipe comes from the fruit — if you enjoy a sweeter smoothie add more fruit or honey, etc. before blending.  fresh or frozen produce - both work well.


quite possibly the most fun way to use your hemp hearts is to sprinkle them.  a sprinkle here, a sprinkle there, a sprinkle just about everywhere will make your heart + tummy happy. keep a jar full and handy… by the salt shaker is a great place. sprinkle tops are awesome - i.e for parmesan cheese — hemp hearts — etc., however, a mason jar or other container work too. the list of food to sprinkle on is almost endless, but our favorites include: yogurt, salad, smoothie or smoothie bowl, toast, and any other dish you enjoy topping.


hemp hearts’ slightly nutty, versatile taste and texture make them ideal for adding to your baked goods, granola, bars, power bites and more.  not only will you add flavor, but also that superfood power + protein punch to the item you are making.  here are two recipes for breakfast on the go, lunch time treat or after school snack to get you started:


Super Seedy Granola Bars: a quick and easy bar with natural sugars, whole grain oats, nuts and all the seeds


Julia Roberts Banana Hemp Heart Muffins: a sweet + cozy option that will use up those speckled bananas  - make ahead + freezer friendly


how was that for simple, easy ways to boost your nutrition and health?  are you ready to get humming in your kitchen with hemp hearts?  show us what you’re cookin’ and tag us on your social media using #humminghemp and #humminghemphealthyhome

from our heart, for yours  -sierra m.