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Hemp Oil Benefits and Uses

Hemp oil has developed a bit of a cult following. And, do you want to know why? The oil offers a whole slew of health and beauty benefits. It is incredibly nutritional, and there are…

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Hemp Oil for Skin and Hair 

You probably know that hemp is an amazing superfood. But, it’s fantastic health benefits don’t stop there. Hemp is gaining traction as being one of the most talked-about ingredients in the health and beauty industry,…

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Hemp Foods: The Better Source of Protein

Hemp Hearts vs Chicken Hemp foods are a plant-based protein that packs a bigger punch than meat. To many people’s surprise, hemp hearts have more protein per ounce than chicken, require no cooking, and are…

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Hemp Food & Snacks To Make You Hum

Deliciously Convenient Hemp Snacks We’ve talked before about why you deserve hemp in your life, touched on the wide range of health and dietary benefits offered by such a simple seed. We’ve also provided a…

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Hemp hearts chia flax

Hemp Hearts versus Chia and Flax Seeds

4 Reasons Why Hemp is Best! If you could only eat one seed for the rest of your life — imagine that!?! —we want to make sure you made the best choice — “which is…

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Hemp Hearts Benefits You Deserve

Hemp Hearts: The Pantry Staple You Deserve Did you know that you deserve the benefits of hemp hearts?  Seriously, you do! Let’s break down all the reasons why in this blog post. Hemp Hearts, What? …

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