Can You Use Hemp Oil for a Steam Facial?

Can You Use Hemp Oil for a Steam Facial Feature

Hemp oil has so many incredible benefits and uses for your skin. But, can you use hemp oil for a steam facial?

Hemp oil can be used for a steam facial. Massage the hemp oil on a clean, dry face, then drape a hot, damp cloth on your face until cool. Hemp oil steam facials have benefits like reducing inflammation, increasing moisturization, and moderating oil production. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to give yourself a facial in the privacy of your own home? In only a few minutes, you’ll be on your way to a clearer face, free of blemishes. 

Luckily for you, I’m going to show you how to have an in-home spa day. Your friends will be totally jealous of your skin. 

How do You Use Hemp Oil for a Steam Facial?

Massage room temperature hemp oil into your face. Cover with a hot damp washcloth until the washcloth cools. Alternatively, use a steaming bowl of water or at home facial steamer to apply steam to your face.

Sounds simple right? Here it is broken into steps:

  1. Clean and dry your face 
  2. Spend a few minutes massaging a tablespoon of hemp oil into your face
  3. Get a damp hot (but not too hot) washcloth and lay it on your face
  4. Leave the hot washcloth on your face until cool
  5. Repeat as needed

If there is oil left on your face, massage it in or wipe it off with the washcloth.

There are two other ways to do a steam facial at home. You can use a bowl or sink of hot water or purchase a home facial steamer.

To do a steam facial with a bowl of hot water, follow steps one and two. Next, get a thick towel to drape over your head and shoulders. Drape the towel over your head and shoulders while holding your face 6 inches away from the bowel. 

To do a steam facial with an at-home steamer, again follow steps one and two. Then, follow the directions of your facial steamer. 

Steam opens up your pores and allows for optimal results with the rest of your skincare routine. You can safely steam your face once a week. After your steam facial, you can follow your skincare routine as usual.

Want your steam facial to feel more like an entire spa day? You can add essential oils or herbs (like lavender, eucalyptus, or chamomile) to the hot water before starting. 


How to do a hemp oil steam facial at home


How does Hemp Oil Benefit Your Skin?

Using hemp on your skin helps with skin conditions, leaving skin clear of blemishes. Hemp oil works as a natural moisturizer. Your skin will be left softer as hemp is absorbed into your pores.

The moisturization benefits of hemp oil come from its abundance of fatty acids. The fatty acids Omega-6 and Omega-3 in particular help with both moisturization and fighting inflammation. These fatty acids are in the perfect ratio (3:1) to be used by the body. 

Is Hemp Oil Good for Your Face?

Hemp oil is good for your face. Using hemp oil can reduce acne and skin conditions. As a moisturizer, your face will be left hydrated which can help during harsh winter months. 

Hemp oil is excellent for moisturizing your face because of omega fatty acids. They’re always at work! They allow hemp oil to create a barrier on the skin that allows moisture in and keeps it there.

Hemp oil helps to draw in moisture and lock it in. When you’re doing your steam facial with hemp oil, all of that moisture will get absorbed into your skin.

Is Hemp Oil Good for Face Pimples?

Hemp oil is perfect to use for face pimples because it moderates oil production. Having too much oil on your skin can cause skin conditions like acne. Having too little oil can cause flakey, dry skin that can get inflamed. 

Neither of these is healthy for your skin. Hemp oil helps balance out oil production, helping your skin not be too oily or too dry. 

This property of hemp oil can help with skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Can Hemp Oil be Absorbed Through the Skin?

Hemp oil is easily absorbed through the skin. Hemp oil is a humectant, which means that it will draw moisture to the skin. Therefore, hemp oil doesn’t sit on your skin but helps water get absorbed into your cells.  

Getting water into your cells is vital for making sure that your skin is staying moisturized and supple. The majority of your skin is made up of water. Without enough moisture, your skin will appear dull and lack elasticity. This allows pores, wrinkles, and other imperfections to be more noticeable. 

The more hydration you provide to your skin through water and skincare, the healthier your skin will be. 

Will Hemp Oil Clog Your Pores?

Luckily, hemp oil will not clog your pores. Hemp oil is rated a zero on the comedogenic rating scale, meaning it won’t clog pores. Therefore, hemp is one of the most ideal oils to apply to your skin.

The comedogenic rating scale is a scientific rating that measures if a skincare product will cause clogged pores. It is a 0 to 10 scale, with 0 meaning that it will not clog your pores. A rating of 10 would significantly clog your pores. 


Hemp Oil Comedogenic ratingogenic rating


Clogged pores are caused by dead skin cells being trapped in your skin. Dead skin cells should not be left on the skin but shed naturally into the environment. Skincare products that are high on the comedogenic rating scale do not allow your skin to shed. 

The only ingredient in our hemp oil is just that hemp oil! You can rest assured that using hemp oil on your skin will allow it to function the way it should. 

Can You Leave Hemp Oil on Your Face Overnight?

It is entirely safe to leave hemp oil on your skin. Sleeping with hemp oil allows more time for the beneficial skincare to take effect. 

Once you’re done with your steam facial, you may realize that you have some excess oil on your skin. You can either wipe it off with a washcloth or continue to massage it into your skin.

Leaving hemp oil on your skin instead of wiping it off will allow you to get even more significant benefits. You’ll get deep moisturization, continued reduction of inflammation, and continued balancing of oil production.

Can Hemp Oil Cause a Negative Skin Reaction?

In some cases, people have had skin reactions. However, most people see no adverse effects of using hemp oil on their skin. Hemp oil and other hemp products are generally safe for all people to use. 

You may want to perform a patch test before using hemp oil on a large area of your skin. A patch test is when you test a small area of skin to see if an allergic reaction occurs. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Wash and dry a small section of skin on your arm
  2. Apply the hemp oil to that patch of skin
  3. Place a bandage on that skin and wait for 24 hours.
  4. Remove the bandage and check the skin for irritation.

Some signs of irritation that you want to look for are redness, itching, or burning. If no symptoms occur, you’re likely not allergic to hemp oil. Therefore, you can safely apply hemp oil to your face.

Speak to your doctor or dermatologist if you have any questions about what to put on your skin.

Summary: Hemp Oil for a Steam Facial

Hemp oil can easily be used for a steam facial. With this steam facial, you can reap all of the benefits of using hemp oil on your skin. 

All you need to do is massage the hemp oil into your face and use one of these methods: a hot washcloth, a bowl of hot water, or an at-home steamer.

Using hemp oil in this way can help with reducing inflammation, increasing moisturization, and balancing out oil production. It is the perfect solution to your skincare problems because it doesn’t clog pores or cause adverse reactions.

Ready to get the benefits of hemp oil for your face (and your overall health)? Check out our hemp oils. They can be found on our website or use the store locator to find them at a store near you. 


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