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The best vegetables for picky eaters and how to prepare them FI

The Best Vegetables for Picky Eaters and How to Prepare Them

If no one in your house likes vegetables it makes it hard for a vegetable lover like you. Vegetables are healthy and you know they taste great, but you can’t convince your kids to eat…

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The Best Healthy Breakfasts for Weight Gain

With so much focus on weight loss, it can be difficult for those who need to gain weight to find information about how to gain safely. The best way to do that is to start…

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Can Hemp Hearts be Used in Baking?

Everyone loves dessert! Trying to create a healthy version of your favorites can be tough. With the health benefits of hemp hearts, you can elevate your favorite baked treats. If you love baked goods it’s…

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Can hemp hearts be frozen?

Hemp hearts are your new favorite healthy snack and you want to use every last bit, so you want to find the best way to store them. While storing your groceries your mom comes over…

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High Protein Snacks for Kids: Healthy snacks for at home, school, or on the go!

Kids can be picky eaters, so nutrition gaps are common. When you have a child that needs more protein it can leave you asking what are high protein snacks for kids?  The best healthy high-protein…

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Deliciously Healthy Clean Eating Desserts Without Added Sugar

If you have a sweet tooth, clean eating without sugar may sound impossible. However, it’s possible to find and create clean eating desserts without added sugar. The best clean-eating desserts with no added sugar are…

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Are Lentils Keto Friendly FI

Are Lentils Keto Friendly?

Lentils are growing in popularity. The intriguing legume keeps popping up in healthy curry and soup recipes and you want to know, are lentils keto-friendly? Lentils, unfortunately, aren’t keto-friendly. The fiber in lentils is great…

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The best camping meals and snacks to keep you full

The Best Camping Meals and Snacks to Keep You Full

What are the best camping meals and snacks to keep you full? Filling camping meals include skewers, sandwiches, black bean burgers, beans, soups, bread, hemp hearts, and breakfast hash. The best snacks include hemp hearts,…

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The Best Gluten Free Nut Free Snacks FI

The Best Gluten Free, Nut Free Snacks 

Having a gluten sensitivity or a nut allergy is hard. Many quick store-bought snacks contain gluten, wheat, or nuts. However, it’s possible to find the best gluten free and nut free snacks. But it’d be…

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Whole30 Approved Protein Powder

Whole30 Approved Protein Powder + Bonus Shake Recipe

So you’re starting Whole30, but you really rely on your protein powder. When you head to the gym you want to be sure you can have a Whole30 approved shake after. Luckily, your favorite, hemp…

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Healthy Pancake Toppings (What to put on pancakes other than syrup)

What are healthy pancake toppings other than syrup? Healthy pancake toppings include hemp seeds, nuts, and whole fruit, apple butter, and honey. Start by adding a nut butter for protein and healthy fats. Add fruit…

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Healthy bagel toppings for breakfast or snack

Healthy Bagel Toppings for Breakfast or Snack

Bagels are one of the first “easy” breakfast ideas people think of. Especially when they need to run out the door in the morning! It’s one of the few breakfasts people will eat untoasted, untopped,…

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